Month: September 2007

How many kids can you fit in your office?

Now my office did just get a total new makeover this summer (thanks to the flooding that came with the spring rain), so I decided to go with the “living room” look as opposed to the “office” look. It’s a small office and when meeting with kids, staff or family, the couch and chairs are much more effective. Back to the point…. This last Saturday was an interesting night. Two of my 6 volunteers that I was expecting did not show up. We’re already running short (we’ve only been doing Saturday nights for 3 weeks and still developing our permanent volunteer team). I’ve really be struggling to discover what I can do on Saturday nights since it is a smaller and different crowd than what we have on Sundays. At the very last minute, I decided that we would take a field trip. My office is about 50 yards away from the new elementary rooms, so I decided to let all the kids come to my office for a piece of candy… all at once. Now, my office is not very big at all. I decided that it would be interesting to see if I could fit all the kids in at once. Yeah, I got 39 kids in there. I think I could have gotten one more, but that’s all I had at the moment. It was a...

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Making your resume count (Seeking CM Employment Part 2)

Here’s my second installment of my series on getting a job in Children’s Ministry. As I said before, I just hired an Elementary Director and have just gone through the process of posting the job, reviewing resumes, interviewing, making an offer and all the things in-between. It was about 3 years ago that I went through this process as well, so it this part is still fresh on my mind as well. In this post I’m going to talk about the resume. For most job applicants, this is what will determine what will stop the process immediately or get you to the next level, which for me was an email or a phone conversation. Of the 40-50 resumes that I received, I only read half of them completely. First of all, a quick scan of the resume would tell me if you had appropriate experience. If the experience looked like it was lacking, I would look for anything that stood out, something that would impress me. Perhaps the candidate didn’t have all the experience I was looking for, but they had done something that demonstrated that they had the “stuff” I was looking for. If I didn’t see something that wowed me, then I’d close that resume and file it. If a resume did look like they had appropriate skills and experience, I’d begin looking closer and investigating the...

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Posting your resume/inquiring of a job (Seeking CM Employment Part 1)

Welcome to my pet peeves. Desperately seek any job available I am a Children’s Pastor who absolutely loves kids and those who minister to kids. When I’m looking to fill staff positions, I’m going to look for others that have a passion and calling for kids. As I searched resumes on a variety of church job opportunity websites, I was amazed at how many people posted across 2,3,4 or even more job categories. I generally stayed away from those who were willing to be a Children’s Pastor, Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor or even Music Pastor…really, whatever you have available. Ultimately, this just makes you look desperate, not well rounded. I understand the desire to get your foot in the ministry door and being willing to do anything, but don’t be afraid of waiting for the job that best “fits” you. As an employer, I want someone who fits just right and not someone who “can” do the job, but probably shouldn’t. The proof is in the pudding When inquiring of a position and sending your resume to the search team, be sure that your resume displays experiences, training our skills to help you meet the expectations of the posted job. For example, if I was looking to hire a ventriloquist (I’m not sure why I ever would), your resume should show that you’ve had some if not significant experience working...

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Looking for a job?

Sorry if this title was misleading, I’m not hiring… anymore. I actually just filled a vacancy on my staff this last week. Almost 2 months ago I let go of my Elementary Coordinator and I had been looking to fill that full time position. During those 8 weeks, I received over 40 resumes. Interestingly enough, but the person I hired I actually found before I even posted for the position. In the past 18 months I have hired 3 full time people and 4 part time people. In this process I have learned a lot about resume’s, interviews and other job seeking tactics. This next week I will share my thoughts on this topic. I am sure that I am biased by my own preferences, but I do have a few ideas that others should find helpful. At least I’ll tell you what made some resumes stand out where others went to the bottom of the...

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My mom made me write this.

Last Wednesday I had to come down on a few 5th grade boys… totally out of control. I had to talk to the dad of one in particular. Then this Wednesday, this is what I got from him. Yeah, I’m sure mom prompted him to write it, but how does your heart not melt when a kid hand’s you one of...

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Having fun with signs…

Since we put these new signs out two weeks ago, I’ve wanted to post pictures here. Then I was thinking I should definitely link this to Matt McKee at Remix of Children’s Ministry as a shout out to Sign Wednesday… or is it Thursday??? About 7 weeks ago my churchdecided to add another venue at my campus. We needed another big room which would seat 400-600 more people. That place just happened to be where my 3rd-5th grade had church. It certainly wasn’t one of those “Kids always get the shaft” deals, but more of a “taking one for the team” opportunities. Quite frankly, we’re out of seats, but we’re still growing. What did that mean for CT Kids? Well, we were given an area of our facility that isn’t used as much. It’s the newest section of our building which consisted of two large rooms. This was a great opportunity for the kids. We got a full remodel, new lights, new carpet, new chairs, new everything. I’ll post pictures of our new space sometime soon. The only downside is that the area is on the other side of our auditorium… meaning that it is separated from the rest of the kids and the only way to get to it is to walk outside… around the auditorium. So far, this hasn’t been a big deal… but it hasn’t rained yet....

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Amazing Video

I’ve really been out of the blogging scene all summer, so some may have already circulated this video around the blogosphere. I’ve already had 3 different people from my church send me links to it in my email and it’s at the top of the charts at GodTube… so if you’ve been there you’ve probably seen it. The first few minutes had me skeptical, but I must admit that the last moments of this presentation got me teary eyed. What power and passion is illustrated through this skit. I wouldn’t sat this video is for every kid. The main character experiences some real life issues that some of our younger kids don’t really need to be exposed to yet (ie. cutting and suicide). However, I know of some 4th and 5th graders who have mentioned this video to me and how it had a profound effect on them. At the very least, I know it will bless you when you watch it. It is the “Everything” Skit by Lifehouse. It appears to have been performed at Winterfest this last...

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Did you wish the US Constitution a Happy Birthday?

In case you forgot, the US Constitution turned 220 today. Unfortunately, most people forgot. The only reason I knew was because my wife and I had a very random discussion a few weeks ago and I looked it up. For all of us fellow Americans, we should remember this day. July 4th was a huge defining moment. That was when we decided to throw off the chains of tyranny and we decided who we no longer wanted to be. However, September 17 too was a defining moment. On this day we as a nation decided who we wanted to be. Yeah, it isn’t perfect… but it’s better than a lot of other places. So today I’m thankful for my right to share the love of God with kids as a citizen of this great country. Happy Birtday US Constitution! I’ll leave you with the preamble: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of...

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I heart my new web apps (part 2)

Okay, here is my favorite web app of all time right now. It it literally changing the way I prepare for church and even has some great application for personally use. The program is called Folder Share and it free. I think it used to be called file taxi or something, but Microsoft bought them out and they seem to be running the show (don’t let that scare you off yet, the application is really cool). Folder Share is about replicating data to folders on different machines. I was first introduced to this idea of data replication when we first went to the multi-site model here at Cross Timbers. Rather than have one server stored at one campus with all the files on it (and everyone on the other campuses would have to connect remotely to it), the IT director installed a server on every campus and every server has the same directory structure and set-up. The IT team then installed some kind of replication engine that synced all the files from every server to each other. Now, when I go to work, I only access files on my local server. However, when I make any changes, my local server sends those changes to the other servers in the background. That way fellow staff members can access what I’ve modified or created. Folder Share is the same thing but...

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I heart my new web apps (part 1)

I’ve recently come across two killer apps that I absolutely LOVE. I’ll share the first one with you today and the other one tomorrow. The first one is Simplify Media. It adds great new functionality to your iTunes. Unless you have multiple computers at home running iTunes or you work in an office setting where you would be with many other users who may have iTunes running, you may have noticed that you can see other people’s iTunes library. In the preferences, you can set up music sharing for yourself and tell your iTunes to look for others as well. You can also tell iTunes what folders you are willing to share. (Unfortunately, you cannot listen to someone’s music if they bought it from iTunes, thanks to DRM. However, if they put the music on their computer by ripping it off a CD, happened to buy non-DRM music or if they have actually activated your computer to listen to their music… by entering their user name and password… then you can enjoy their music) The downside has been the iTunes only lets you share music over a local network. We use VPN all the time at Cross Timbers. I can be home and VPN connect to the office and to everyone else in the office, I appear to be in the office as well. All our campus sites are...

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