Month: October 2007

Genies are Evil!

Okay, I just had to post a funny thing that happened today. I have a mid-week small groups for kids program that totally rocks. It’s probably my favorite thing I do all week. Well, on Sunday nights, I have 6 boys in small group with me because their football schedule doesn’t allow them to come on Wednesday nights. The 7 of us meet in my office and we totally have a blast. What I really enjoy are the random comments that come out of these 4th and 5th grade boy’s mouths. Sometimes it is due to miss-communication and other times it is them talking before their brain has a chance to engage. Tonight there were two funny comments that would only come out of a kid’s mouth. Tonight’s lesson was about the book of Luke. I was explaining that Luke emphasizes how Jesus focused on the social outcasts such as poor people, Samaritans and even lepers. Immediately one kid questioned, “They had leopards in Israel?” Just a few minutes later, I was explaining how both Luke and Matthew have genealogies. Matthew’s goes back to Abraham and Luke’s goes back to Adam. I asked the boys, “do you know what a genealogy is?” The boy sitting to my immediate right shouted out, “Genies are Evil!” It was a good laugh that I really needed. Man, I love...

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Where do you find children’s ministry prospects? (Seeking CM Employment Part 4)

Well, every time I’ve had to hire and fill a full-time children’s ministry position, God has opened up the door and provided just the right person… and usually in just the right time. The two children’s pastors I hired last year were already attending our church. The elementary coordinator I just hired I actually found on a website. So, let me share with you where I looked and what tools I used. I’ll wrap up this post with a personal opinion and kick it back to you for your thoughts. One site I particularly like is The thing I like about this one is the volume of traffic this site gets. I posted the position (I think it cost about $200 for 2-3 months) I was hiring here and got close to 40 resumes within 6 weeks. In addition to the emails I got from prospects, I also had access to the resume database. Another great site is It also has high volume. The only downside is that the majority of people who post for a children’s ministry job also posted for every other job available and for me that’s a turnoff (I know, I’m a idealist snob). This is; however, where I found my elementary coordinator. Other decent sites include, as well as There are others that you can find with a simple google search....

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Asking the right questions (Seeking CM Employment Part 3)

When I was interviewing for the church that brought me down to Texas, they sent me a list of questions to answer. It was an incredible survey that did two things. For one, it asked me the right questions to better communicate who I was and what my vision/mission/strategy was for Children’s Ministry. On the other side, it gave those asking the questions a good thorough look into who I was. Recently, as I was in the hiring process, I used this survey to get more information about a candidate I was interviewing. All I can say is amazing! I learned more about this person than I would have in several hours in conversations. As a result of the survery, I was able to conduct an interview that followed up on answers from the survey. So, if you’re looking to hire someone in ministry, this survey may serve you well. If you’re seeking employment in Children’s Ministry, take the time to respond to the survey. It may help prepare you for interviews and formulate way’s you will communicate your history/vision/mission/strategy. Children’s Ministry Survey Rank these areas of ministry (1-10) with number 1 being you don’t like it and 10 being you like it a lot. In addition, fill free to add a comments to explain. Speaking or Teaching in front of kids Developing children’s leaders One-on-one time with kids...

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