Month: December 2007

Dancing baby, no spiritual significance whatsoever

Everyone enjoys a little bit of random funniness… especially kids. This fall I tried to make a point of finding a randomly funny video that I would show every week in out elementary kids church. Each week the kids began expecting the new video of the week… something to divide up the service and it provided a great transition time. One week I found a video that they kids loved so much, they asked to see it again every week. Just one of those silly foreign commercials. There’s nothing like watching a bunch of 4th & 5th grade boys imitating the dance movies of this...

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A quick update

It’s been a month… an absolute whirlwind of a month! This year has been a series of ups and downs in both life and ministry. I haven’t always known what was down the road for me, but I do know that God has been and will be faithful every step of the way. The last I left this blog, I was headed off to get myself and my son to South Georgia to meet my grandmother who’s health was rapidly fading. Well, the flight was stressful as Titus he was awake for most of the trip, but we made it. Unfortunately, my grandmother was asleep the four days I was home. Titus spent a good bit of time in the hospital room and the room was definitely filled with happy coos, just a few cries and a lot of excitement that comes with having a six-month old around. No one knows if my grandmother could hear or if she was aware, but if she could, I’m sure she was thrilled. I flew Titus home on Thanksgiving as all of my wife’s family had gathered at my house for a huge family Thanksgiving. It was a great time with all the family; however, the day after thanksgiving I got the phone call that my grandmother had died. The next day, Sara, Titus and I jumped on another plane, flew into...

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