Month: April 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-30

Late night confession. Everyone is asleep and I’m still working. Fun, huh? # Good morning tweeps… it took quite a bit of effort to say that. Operating on little sleep this morning. Errrrrrrrrrrrrggggg. #orange09 # on my way to #orange09 # CMO: #kidmin Orange 09 Bloggers Lounge # CMO: #kidmin Orange Conference 09: Session One # CMO: #kidmin Twitter Updates for 2009-04-29 # CMO: #kidmin Orange Brown Bag Lunch # CMO: #kidmin Orange 09: Session One (Reggie Joiner) # @phillipgibb I won’t tell her… I promise. #orange09 in reply to phillipgibb # @henryjz Yeah, I didn’t go to bed until 3:30 and then I was up at 6:15. Fun times! #orange09 in reply to henryjz # RT @michaelchanley: Flying Biscuits with @samluce @jimwideman @kennyconley @pastorjustyn. Had colar greens and grits! YUM! # Hey, check out the Brown Bag Lunch on collaboration in ministry: # @jenniferjday yeah. they have food for me here for lunch and they want me to stick around all during the lunch break… im just hanging out. # we never look more like Jesus when we’re rescuing people. # Drinking coffee in the bloggers lounge… and I don’t drink coffee. They’re telling me this is some good coffee. #orange09 # CMO: #kidmin Orange Conference 09: Session Two # watching @nedgable take notes #orange09 # Hey, come to the bloggers...

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Orange business card

Last year I wasn’t at a church when I came to Orange, so I had business cards printed so I could network. Since my church cards don’t have my blog and twitter information, I decided I’d print some new cards. Here they are. I’m very please as to how they turned out. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. I met John Acuff (Stuff Christians Like) and he really liked my card. Later in the day he twittered to me: @kennyconley great meeting you today. your business card was insanely cool. I had BCE instantly. I had to ask around what BCE stood for. I think it’s short for business card envy. So, that was a great compliment. Then about thirty minutes later I caught Chad using my card to eat cole slaw....

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Orange 09: Session One (Reggie Joiner)

Reggie started the session off showing a framed picture of a family. He called them the “stock” family, the perfect looking family. It was the stereotype of what we think a good family is supposed ot look like. Reggie then doubted that everything was good with this family. He went on to pull out several more photos of friends or people he knew. Each family had a different situation. Each of these other families would look at a “stock” family and would not relate. The problem is that we look at the “stock” family as the picture of a healthy family, but too often that is unachievable. We can’t always make “that” happen. We have to get beyond the pictures as God is looking to write a story with our lives. Let’s look at some of the families in the Bible: Noah had a drinking issue. Jacob deceived his father David and an affair Abraham tried to give his wife away These were great people, but all of them had dysfunctional families or situations. God used broken people to do his work. God has taken the family that is made up of broken people to show that he is the God of restoration. Two approaches: We try to make families conform to the picture we have set in our minds. Each family is a platform to tell a story....

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Orange Brown Bag Lunch

Don’t forget the Orange Brown Bag lunches on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday John Saddington will be teaching about blogging and social media and on Friday, a handful of Children’s Pastors will be teaching about collaboration. These sessions are first-come, first-served and space is limited to about 50 people. Meet at the top of the escalators of the arena at 1:15 PM on both Thursday and Friday. Don’t forget to bring your own lunch! Brown Bag Lunch from Kenny Conley on...

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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-29

CMO: #kidmin Twitter Updates for 2009-04-28 # CMO: #kidmin 2009 Orange Tweet Up # Lights put! # Out! Time for bed! # Good morning tweeps, ready for some orange? # Headed over to Gwinnett Arena in a few. Bring it! #orange00 # Eating breakfast with my gateway team. #orange09 # @mattmckee is looking hot today! #orange09 # in my first precon…. im in this concentrate all day. college ministry 101. #orange09 # @jabberfrog dont know that i can do lunch today. # @ericechols dont know that i can do lunch today. # @jabberfrog sorry… didnt mean to tweet you. 🙂 # @jessica_mckee here you go. @mattmckee #orange09 # here is @jonathancliff twit picking me # lunch! #orange09 # RT @human3rror: I Blogged: The Blog First Aid Station at Orange Conference : #Orange09 # Going back into college ministry 101 session. It’s very Orange-y… I don’t know if that’s a word but I’m gong to use it a lot . #orange09 # @AllyEvans Enjoying talking ministry with you and @jabberfrog about ministry and strategy. Iron sharpening time! #orange09 in reply to AllyEvans # @jabberfrog hey, can you save me a seat? # just set up my eye-fi card… now my digital camera is going to come in handy. # @henryjz yeah, uploading pics now… unfortunately its of me climbing stone mountain first… then Orange...

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Orange Conference 09: Session One

6:46 PM Rick_Smith – Ok – It’s officially on! I’m here at #orange09 – are you? If so come up stairs in the main building and say what’s up! I want to meet you! 6:47 PM kennyconley – Session one begins in 45 minutes! #orange09 6:48 PM mattberes – – @kevowest on the way to #orange09 6:48 PM theuprisinglive – jim wideman is in the bloggers lounge #orange09 #stumin #ythmin 6:49 PM toddclark – #orange09 – Ready to take some killer photos tonight at the opening session of Orange Conference — post later with FB / flicker links. 6:49 PM pudgehuckaby – I spy @davidhall #orange09 6:49 PM pudgehuckaby – Where is the bloggers lounge!? 6:51 PM michaelchanley – I just punched Sam Luce and took over his blog. Check it out: #orange09 #kidmin #cmconnect 6:51 PM danscott77 – love watchin’ people excited as they come in the arena… it’s gonna be good I promise! hold on to your hats #orange09 6:52 PM danscott77 – – me and @jnascott in section 101 row J #orange09 6:55 PM Anna_Meadows – The blogger’s lounge is filling up… only 30min away from the official st. of #orange09 come check us out on the 2nd floor of the Arena 6:56 PM jcisonline – oops forgot. #orange09 6:58 PM pudgehuckaby – I spy @jconline #orange09 7:03 PM joshbradley – Hanging at...

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Orange 09 Bloggers Lounge

Hey, if you’re at the Orange Conference this year, come check out the Blogger’s Lounge! It’s on the second floor of the arena. Free internet and coffee, how perfect is that? Orange Blogger’s Lounge from Kenny Conley on...

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Quick Interview with Chuck Bomar

I spent the day in a college ministry concentration with Chuck Boamar from I know, you’re a Children’s Pastor… what does college ministry have to do with me? If you’re concerned about the kids you minister today, you will care. I spoke with Chuck right after the three sessions for a few minutes. See what he has to say to Children’s Pastors. Complete notes will follow later tonight. Orange Conference 09 – College Ministry (Chuck Bomar) from Kenny Conley on...

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