Month: August 2009

Facebook pages or groups

Last week I posted a video about integrating social media in our ministries. One great way to do this is using facebook. I’m still a noob at using facebook specifically for ministry related stuff, but I thought I’d explain the differences between groups and pages and how you want to use both. First of all, you probably want to use both. Both have different functions. Groups have been around longer and of someone has experience with only one, it’s probably groups. However, most people are using groups to do things where they probably should use pages. Let me explain. Groups Groups can be big or small, but they’re mostly suited around connecting people around ideas, thoughts or specific people. The discussion boards, photos, links and allow for great connection, discussion and collaboration. I’ve used groups for book discussions, a biggest loser group and for a Children’s Ministry collaboration group. The real advantage of the groups is your ability to control access and obscurity. I’m in some groups that are open to anyone, other groups that are close and you have to be approved to join. I’m also in an obscure group that no one can see except the people in the group. This is the primary advantage of groups. The disadvantage to groups is obscurity. You can join a bunch of groups and completely forget you’re in them unless...

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I love my church!

I’m more proud of my church today than ever before. I’m thrilled an honored to work in this faith community, a church that’s being raised up out of the culture. Yesterday we covered a risky topic for churches but a topic that is important to our church and community. The message was about same sex relationship. Rather than hear John speak about it for 40 minutes, which he would do very well, he spoke for about 20 minutes and gave the rest of the service over to three people in our church to tell their story. All three are people who attend Gateway that have recently come out of homosexual relationships. Their stories are stories of grace and life-change. They’re not stories of miraculous conversions where God healed them and took something away, but stories of Christian men and women who have struggled with their sexuality and made decisions to honor God with their bodies. I’m not going to say anymore as I just can’t do this any justice. Click here to watch the...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

CMO: #kidmin Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23 # CMO: #kidmin Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23 # Eye-Fi'd 7 photos to Flickr. # CMO: #kidmin Ministry as usual or climbing higher mountains # Titus just put on Shoes and Socks for the first time this summer. You'd think it was the end of the world. He's a sandals kind of kid. # He does look cute in his all stars though, doesn't he! # CMO: #kidmin Mac OS Firefox tweak # Almost did something stupid. I'm glad reason won over in my head and kept me from regretting something. # @_Matt_Carter mighty fine made it to the top 50 burgers in TX! Good stuff! in reply to _Matt_Carter # @karinpwilliams haven't done dans yet… On treadmill now… Dreaming of burgers! in reply to karinpwilliams # 5.21 miles in one hour. Gettiing faster 1 tenth of a mile at a time. Ughhh! # @karinpwilliams Oooh, I've heard good stuff about 5 guys. The fries are supposed to be amazing. I wasn't all the impressed with Hutts. in reply to karinpwilliams # Looks like too many Mac/Firefox users suffer in silence. Doesn't have to be that way. Here's hope! # Just updated facebook settings so I don't get 40 bajillion emails from facebook a day. Now only if you send me a message. Nice....

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Still fabulous

Two years ago I wrote a book review on Aaron Reynolds’ book, The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School. Last week I got a DVD in the mail. Essentially it was a promo DVD promoting the book and Aaron’s “Master Class” which comes on DVD when you buy at least 5 copies of the book from the Willow Creek Association. I’m going to pick up five more of these book so that I can get this DVD. It’s something my teachers need to see and I know many who need to read this book as well. Whether you’ve read the book or not, watch the video below, it will charge you up (even though it is essentially a commercial)! Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School Promo Video from Kenny Conley on Vimeo....

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Student ministry stereotypes

We all know that Children’s Ministry has more than its share of stereotypes, both for the ministry as well as those who lead. Sometimes it can be embarrassing. But you have to admit, Student Ministry has plenty of stereotypes as well, just maybe not as dorky. I’ve worked with enough Student Pastors that I had a lot of fun watching this video. All I can say is… Awkward Side Hug! And what’s up with that creepy puppet at 2.24? Was that some kind of sub-conscious reference to Children’s...

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How much is social media integrated in your ministry?

I just picked up this video from our Web Director and Online Campus Pastor, Vince Marrotte. When it comes to social media, Vince is all over it. Watch this video, it’s definitely worth your time. Question. How much is social media integrated in your ministry? If it’s not, get with the times people. You’re missing the boat. A year ago I launched a blog for our families and just recently a facebook page for the Children’s Ministry. We’ve recently started using twitter to communicate news and information as well. However, I feel that there are so many more ways to communicate to our volunteers, our leaders, our kids and their parents. What new social media strategies are you incorporating into your...

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Need Bibles or books?

About six or seven year I ran into these guys at the CPC in Atlanta. I didn’t really have a definitive source for Bibles or other books. When I needed to buy Bibles by the case, I haven’t found anyone who can beat Harvest. When I was using curriculum from one of the major publishers, I found that I could buy it at a discount from Harvest rather than the publisher. As churches, we’re always looking for opportunities to save some money and stretch our ministry budgets. Harvest can help with that. Here’s a little secret though. Don’t rely on just their website. Several years ago I was designing a small group/discipleship program for elementary aged kids. Depending on what grade you were in determined what books and supplies you needed. There were books that I’d picked up from trade booths at conferences and from the shelves at local Christian bookstores. Once I knew what I wanted, I sent Harvest the list of books and Bibles I needed. They always beat the best prices I could find and often floored me with the savings. So, if you need to pick up Children’s Ministry books and Bibles, be sure to check with Harvest before you make a purchase. In case you’re wondering, I wrote this post simply to pass the information along. Harvest doesn’t know I’m writing this. Other than...

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Mac OS Firefox tweak

Maybe it’s just me. I’m not talking to everyone out there, but just the Mac users who are using Firefox. Firefox in my opinion is the best web browser out there (pushing innovation in web browsing to a new level and the add-on features make certain sites and certain tasks come to life). However, Firefox has done this buggy thing for me ever since I moved to the Mac. When filling out an online form (usually entering my address) I begin typing in the first field and when done typing the information I “tab” to the next field. No need to mouse over and click when I can type, tab, type, tab, type. However, whenever I would get to a pull-down tab, like the state, the tab button just skipped over this field. Frustrating. Several months ago I heard in passing that there was a fix for this and yesterday I finally was frustrated enough to fix it myself. I spent a few minutes looking for the fix and had things working a few minutes later. Essentially you go to system preferences and to keyboard and mouse. Once they’re click on the top tab “Keyboard Shortcuts.”At the very bottom of the window you will see “Full keyboard access:” The default selection seems to be “Text boxes and lists only.” Instead, select “All controls.” That’s it. Now you can tab...

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Ministry as usual or climbing higher mountains

On Friday I posted about the mountain I’m preparing to climb. Fifteen years ago I trained for about 3-4 weeks in preparation. I was running 1-3 miles a day and about 20-30 flights of stairs 4-5 days a week. Fifteen years have passed and I’m in worse shape and about 30-40 pounds heavier. I’m not really nervous, I’m just aware of the fact that this isn’t going to be easy. Sara, who’s going to climb with me is also very concerned about the challenge. Almost a year ago Sara and I vacationed in Banff, Canada. On our first day there, we hiked to the top of Big Beehive Dome overlooking Lake Louise. It was a 3 mile hike ascending almost 2000 vertical feet. That little hike kicked our butts. We hadn’t done anything to prepare, but we barely made it. The hike to the top of Pikes Peak is four times what we did last year in Banff. Four times the distance and four times the vertical climb. This is the reason for our concern and preparation. We’re working hard to prepare so that we can finish the hike. Sara and I are on treadmills for 45-60 minutes, four to five days a week keeping our heart rate above 70% of max to prepare for the high altitude hiking. The running and stair machines are preparing our legs for...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

CMO: #kidmin Silly dog prayers # In downtown Austin for a two day offsite meeting. It's going to be great! # CMO: #kidmin Another thought on volunteers # Doing some team building exercises. My personality has shifted slightly from enfj to entj. Not sure how I feel about that. 😉 # Francie is Found! Woo hoo! # Titus (the dog) came to welcome Francis home! # Just lost a tooth at our icecream party! # @uptownkids No way dude! #kidmin lock ins are a blast! This one rocked! in reply to uptownkids # @jabberfrog Ha! Funny. Yes, I actually trace my personality change to dealing with stupid church politics a few years back. in reply to jabberfrog # @jarrodbeckman A neighbor grabbed her and saw one of our signs today. Literally, she was 5 houses down the street. in reply to jarrodbeckman # It's 10:00 and Titus is just finished dinner. Hmmmm. # @prince4jc Not sure what I think of that stat. #kidmin Don't think it's plausible to say that if a kid is in AWANA he'll have a 92% chance in reply to prince4jc # @prince4jc of staying in church. I think some of that has to do with the culture of the church (and families) as well. #kidmin in reply to prince4jc # I've got a children's ministry and swine flu question for...

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