Month: November 2009

What would you say?

Here’s the scenario. You have one hour. For that hour, the entire church staff will be gathered to listen and process what you have to say. One hour of uninterrupted communication. You have a soapbox and an audience. What would you...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

CMO: #kidmin Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22 # @ajelwind Sara and i love Torchy's. The queso is amazing! in reply to ajelwind # CMO: #kidmin Camp Save-The-Date Postcard: Final Product # Good morning monday! # CMO: #kidmin Calendar planning # enjoying a few hours of solitude before a day full of meeting. I love it! # @ajelwind would that make us "best @#!? church in Austin?" ha, how's that for a sign? # Just ordered 7000 postcards. w00t! # I think I want a tape player for Christmas. I've got a bunch of old tapes that I need to convert to MP3 but I have no method to play them. # Conley Update Blog: Happy Thanksgiving # Eye-Fi'd 8 photos to Flickr. # Eye-Fi'd 3 photos to Flickr. # @PhilHarris Well, i want a tape player for techie reasons… I need to convert old tapes. Tapes I said… not 8 track Grandpa! 🙂 in reply to PhilHarris # Thanksgiving tomorrow? Really? Dang, I'm going to have to reschedule that staff meeting now! # Going home. Still have a little work to do, but I can do it from the comfort of my couch. # @locustfist I'm embarrassed for you in reply to locustfist # @mattmckee So are you doing any black friday shopping up in New York? # @SpencerClick what's your google...

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Calendar planning

I did something I’ve never done before a few weeks ago. On of our Early Childhood leaders has a beautiful lake house on Lake Travis and offered to share it with my team, so I took my Kids Quest team away overnight to plan out 2010. It was fantastic! In the past I’ve always done most of the calendar planing on my own. I usually did this on my own because I was either the only one on staff, it was easier that way or because I was a control freak. I must say it was quite fun to do this as a team. Not only did we need to just get dates on the calendar, but we had to develop some strategy around some new initiatives that were calendar driven. We started a little later than expected (around 11:00 AM) and work non-stop until about 6:30 PM. We ran out for a few hours for dinner and got back to work around 9:00 PM and worked until 11:30 or so. It was a great outing and we got the entire year planned out. We’re meeting together again in a few weeks to set promotion, communication and design deadlines for all the events we’ve planned. I’ve learned that you can have a calendar planned out years in advance, but if you’re not careful, an event or class will sneak...

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Camp Save-The-Date Postcard: Final Product

Last week I posted my Summer Camp “save-the-date postcard for peer review. I got some incredible feedback. Thanks to everyone who wrote suggestions on the blog, my facebook and through DM on twitter. This community is amazing. I took every suggestion very serious and revised the card based on several of them. Here’s the final product. . You may notice that I didn’t change the front of the card at all. Some suggested me making “kids quest” bigger. Actually I really wrestled with this; however, I realized that the point of the card is to draw parents to the fact that it’s time to register for camp. If they only see one thing on the card, I want it to be summer camp! So, I left it as it was. The back of the card saw two more revisions. People suggested fixing the slanted red text. Several emphasized that I needed to explain where camp was. A few others suggested that I detail how much money parents would save by registering now. In my first revision, I put it all on the card. It didn’t look all that great. It was crowded. Information overload. The card is a teaser, not a brochure. They can get all the information that they need at the website. This card just piques their interest, drawing them in and making them want more. I...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

Titus now refers to himself un the 3rd person. # @ajelwind Here here! Long live King Titus! Brought a big grin to my face. in reply to ajelwind # Headed back to church for morph meeting. Had a really nice time at home with Sara and Titus. Definitely the best part of my day today! # CMO: #kidmin Domain for sale # @c_dish Ha! Every meeting is so amazing… but I'm just saying. You guys just aren't as cute at Titus. in reply to c_dish # I may have a buyer for my domain already. Anyone else want to make an offer before it's gone? #kidmin # CMO: #kidmin Flu Followup # listening to Sam Luce's message to "Old People's" church from several weeks ago. Good job Sam! #kidmin # CMO: #kidmin Risky Business # I'm challenged to take more risks! #kidmin # @samluce Did you really just call me Brother Kenny? in reply to samluce # CMO: #kidmin Chrome OS News # In bed before the wife. Mark that one down in the books as that stuff doesn't happen much! # CMO: #kidmin Seth Godin is totally into crazy sock day # @gina_mcclain I didn't see a long email from you. 🙂 Hmmm, surprisingly I feel really refreshed. I should go to bed early every night. in reply to gina_mcclain #...

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A big day for

To say I’m an optimist is an understatement. I look for the positive in everything. Today something happened to this site that put a big grin on my face, something that most probably wouldn’t pay any attention to. What is it? What happened? I got my first piece of spam in Arabic! It didn’t take long to begin getting Russian spam, but this is a first for Arabic spam. Does this mean is really making it in the world? What’s next? Cantonese spam? I can’t...

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Camp Save-The-Date Postcard

Hey, can anyone give me some quick feedback? On November 27th, Black Friday, we’re launching summer camp registration with a great pre-registration discount. We’re running the special until the end of the year and we have this postcard that we’re using to advertise the early bird price and have parents save the date. I’m placing the print order on Monday, so if you have any suggestions on the design, please let me know...

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Seth Godin is totally into crazy sock day

I shared the other day that we’re doing Crazy Sock Day for the next five weeks at Kids Quest. It’s a fun way to add a little fun as well as bring awareness around helping families in need. Then Cathy Harwick, my Elementary Director sent me this video. Apparently Seth Godin is really into crazy socks as well. He even has a system of degrees of craziness. He talks about his socks, right away, but the whole video is great. Any opportunity to listen to Godin is time well...

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Chrome OS News

Google is stirring things up with their new operating system. It isn’t likely that Google is going to take down Microsoft or Apple. This operating system isn’t a replacement… more of a supplement. It’s the perfect OS for those secondary netbook computers that are so perfect for travel and surfing the web. However, Google’s introduction of Chrome OS will most certainly affect Microsoft and Apple. They’ll respond with additional innovation of their systems. The result, we the consumers have more options and a better experience. Great job Google! Don’t know what Chrome is? If you’re on a Windows machine, click here to download it. You’ll really be amazed at how fast it is. Really, it’s super fast. Got a Mac? Chrome isn’t on OS X yet. However, you can download a developers build here. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it’s pretty close. Here’s a great article about the new Google OS, what it’s going to look like and when you can get it. Last of all, here’s a great video that does a really great job of explaining why Chrome OS is being developed and why it’s going to be awesome. It really does change the way we use computers to a...

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Risky Business

Yesterday I read an interesting article (mini article actually) about taking risks. This spoke to my soul. Several months as I was preparing to hike Pike’s Peak, I wrote about this to some degree. I’ve had a lot of successes in my past and it’s so incredibly easy to operate out of what I know what works. There’s nothing wrong with this, but is it really good enough. Seth Godin recently said “boring products produce boring profits and make a boring impact.” I wouldn’t go to the degree of saying anything we’re doing at Gateway is boring, but I’m not sure we’re taking any risks. I’m not. The idea behind this article is that only 1/3 of the population venture into what is called the “Golden Third.” This is where risks are taken, but also where results are bigger and greater satisfaction is achieved. I’m not going t get all biblical on this subject and make the Bible say something that it doesn’t. However, when I read the stories of men and women in the Bible, I see men and women who took significant risks and BIG things happened. Does this resonate with you? I’m mulling over this thought right now. We’ll soon be setting our goals for 2010 and I want to make some room for some big risks. What do you...

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