Month: June 2010

A “not-so-new” (but great) leadership resource

Leadership is an interesting thing, isn’t it. Some of us are born with a natural “know-how.” Others of us have to work really hard at it. All of us get stuck at certain places. As people who oversee ministries, we need it, need to know how to grow it and how to cultivate it. All of us know what our limitations are as a leader. I know mine. At times I’m embarrassed by mine. It’s good to know that this isn’t the end of the story, there’s plenty of time to develop and plenty of time to grow. So, there’s a book out there that I want to point you towards. It’s called “Lead the Way God Made You.” I’ll be honest, it really spoke to where I am right now as a leader in many different ways. I’m doing an official review for this book on Monday, July 5th which I’m writing right now. It’s a holiday weekend and I’ve got a feeling that a lot of my regular readers will be soaking in some rays as opposed to reading my blog. On Tuesday, be sure to log in and read the review. I’m kinda excited about what this book might mean for me as a leader. Maybe if it helps me, it will help you. Larry Shallenberger published this book five years ago and to celebrate the...

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Product Review: Live it Out

So a few weeks ago, we took 70 kids and leaders to summer camp. There were 400 kids there overall and I had been hired by the camp to be the Camp Pastor at one of the three weeks of camp. They had chosen reThink’s Live it Out curriculum in a box to use as a camp theme and curriculum. We use both 252 Basics and My First Look every Sunday, so I was pretty familiar with the material. However, I wanted to give a review of my experience using the material supplied. Please note though that I didn’t go out and select this product and I wasn’t in charge of determining what we used and what we didn’t. As the Camp Pastor, I was given the DVD of video elements as well as the small group materials that had been selected for small group breakouts. So, my experience is more from a “adapt and use” approach instead of “choose and use” approach. In the 8-10 years that I’ve taught at kids camp, this is the first time I’ve ever used a curriculum. I’ve always developed the theme, written the messages and put together the small group/develotional materials. So, this was a very new experience for me as well. After using a curriculum, would I do it again? Yeah, I think I would. Live it Out was the first...

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Summer camp video

After this week I don’t plan to publish any more camp posts. My production director was on a post-camp vacation last week, so I just got the final day of camp video. It’s a great video that shows a snapshot of all the best parts of camp. It’s about 10 minutes long, so feel free to skim....

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Dealing with Crisis

Today was the last day of the series, Never Waste a Good Crisis. It was an incredible service, a great conclusion to a great series. The service led up to a key point… when the video below came on. Powerful! There were very few dry eyes around the auditorium. Nothing like the power of a story to drive a point home. The link to the service wasn’t online when I wrote this post, so I’ll add the link when it’s...

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Video Review: What’s in the Bible Disc Two

Okay, I just finished watching disc two. Honestly, I intended to watch the review a month ago, but finding an hour to watch it and write my assessment has been harder than I’d have imagined. In case you didn’t read earlier, I wrote a review of disc one here. I’m still impressed with the content. Several times I laugh out loud due to the witty and cleaver lines but it’s been well put together and it is certainly a fantastic way to be exposed to the Bible. Disc two covers the remainder of Genesis and and all of Exodus. What I love so much about WITB is that it’s not just an overview of key Bible stories, but key concepts are being introduced. In disc two, Biblical Cannon is explained, concepts of salvation and redemption are introduced as well as other things like patriarchal history and basic covenant theology. These concepts are key to understanding the “Bible story,” so it’s incredible that this DVD set is so well-rounded. If our kids grow up just knowing a bunch of stories, it isn’t likely that it will change their lives. However, if we tie the stories of the Bible to the problems and pain we experience, our kids might see God’s plan for their lives as told through his scriptures. Amazing. One of the things I loved about this DVD were...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-28

CMO: #kidmin Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-21 # CMO: #kidmin Kids Camp 2010 in review # CMO: #kidmin Eye-Fi products keep getting better and better # CMO: #kidmin Site/App of the week: Church Boost # for his bday, we bought some more track. Now we can build some cool tracks! # CMO: #kidmin Communicating with parents while at camp # CMO: #kidmin My secret weapon to connecting with kids # CMO: #kidmin Father’s Day @ Gateway # CMO: #kidmin Book Review: Read with Me Bible for Toddlers # Insurance open enrollment meeting. Woo Woo! 🙂 # Yaaaarrrrrrrddddd woooooorrrrrrrrrrkkkkkk! Aaaaaaaarrrrrgggh! # This place is beautiful! (@ Krause Springs) # At lowes. Going to paint titus' room today, repair some walls and other projects. This is the extent of my handy man powers. # wondering if I should get him one. Might make my yardwork more fun! # Currently frustrated that our previous house owner chose to paint all the trim cream. Grrrrrr! # hey @samluce That's a moon pie he's eating. Titus says you're missing out! # Just Finished painting titus' room, repairing walls and hanging new fixtures in the kitchen. It's like we're in a new house… Sorta. 🙂 # Getting ready for another baptism class. Lots of kids who attended camp a week ago are coming....

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Father’s Day Video

Not sure if you’ve seen this yet. Usually I see this on the blogs or on twitter, but actually found this from the facebook feed of someone I recently married who isn’t really that plugged into church. So, I’m assuming that this video has gone somewhat viral. I have been a little out of touch though, so if “everyone” was talking about this last week and I just didn’t see it, I’m sorry for passing it along. I’ve cracked up at this many times now....

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App of the week: Settlers of Catan on iPhone/iPad

I’m a huge fan of the game, “The Settlers of Catan.” Over a year ago Wired Magazine wrote an article about this game called Monopoly Killer that describes how this game and others like it are redefining the board game genre. I’ve been playing Settlers for 6-8 years and I LOVE it. So, I just found out this week that there is an iPhone app where you can play multi-player or just against the computer. I don’t get to play very often, so this app is great for scratching the itch. I’ll be honest, it’s a little hard to play on the little screen that is my iPhone. However, I think the experience would be considerably different on the iPad. So, if you have an iPad and you’d like to check out a very unique but fun game, pick up the Catan app. The board game actually costs $40, so you might want to try out the digital version first to make sure you’re going to like it. Check out more on this iPhone app right here. Oh, but before I leave you though, I saw another bit of Catan goodness. A version of the game has been developed for the Microsoft Surface. We first learned about the Surface 3 years ago and over the years we’ve seen videos and bits of news about it, but nothing widespread. However,...

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Book Review: Read with Me Bible for Toddlers

I recently got a new Bible for my son Titus. I’ve been a fan of the Read with Me Bible for years, so I decided to try out the version for toddlers. Holy Cow, I love it! So since Titus was about 6-8 months old, we’ve been reading to him from “The Beginners Bible.” Titus probably didn’t actually engage in the process of reading his Bible until he was about 18 months or so (before then he was more interested in tearing pages out). However, I think I was becoming bored with reading from this Bible. The illustrations are cute, but really on the simple side of things where the books he was really getting into were a little more complex. So, the Read with Me Bible has absolutely amazing illustrations. It’s so easy to fall in love with the characters, especially Jesus. In other Bibles, characters are simple cartoon characters that don’t necessarily stand out. The illustrations in this Bible suck you into the story. The stories are simple (not weighed down with details) but longer than some of the other Bibles for this age group (15-16 pages). I like this becasue you can really get into the story. Other Bibles at this age group focus more on getting as many stories in the Bible as possible making each story just 2-4 pages long. Although this Bible doesn’t...

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Father’s Day @ Gateway

Sunday was Father’s Day and we were right in the middle of a series called, “Never Waste a Good Crisis.” It’s been a phenomenal series. This week one of the leaders from High School and College shared his story. It’s a powerful story for men to hear and it tied into our series so perfectly. If you want to see more, I attached the video of the entire service below. Enjoy! Full...

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