Month: July 2010

Font Friday: Kenyan Coffee

Yesterday I got my weekly email from Right away, the bold, black font popped out at me. Immediately I said to myself, “I really like that font. I gotta have it.” So, I did the shameless thing and email to ask them what font they used. 🙂 Actually, I was in luck. I know the guy (Evan) who designs these weekly emails and he was more than happy to throw me a bone. Thanks a million Evan. The font is called Kenyan Coffee. It’s got a 1920’s New York art deco look and feel that’s strong but unique. To do what they did in this email, I probably would have defaulted to Arial Black, but Kenyan Coffee is a great substitute. I’m looking forward to using it soon. This font can be downloaded...

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Introducting Font Friday

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you’ve discovered that I’m a little bit of a freak about fonts. Actually, you may only know that I have a raging hatred (is that too strong of a feeling about a font) against the font “Algerian.” Just in case you’re wondering, I equally detest “Comic Sans.” No joke, the other day I married a couple where the wife was a school teacher. I sent her the wedding outline to look over and make modifications. She sent it back to me a week later with her changes. One of which was reformatting the outline in the font Comic Sans. Arrrrrggggg! Just so you know. I don’t just hate certain fonts. I really like other fonts. When I see a font I like, I imagine the things I would use it for. Usually when designing, the first thing I look at is my font book to get inspiration for the overall design. I feel really proud of myself at times when I’m out and I see a font I recognize. I’ll tell my wife what the font is on that billboard. She’s not nearly as impressed. 🙂 So, I’ll continue my sporadic series of the dreaded Algerian font in the wild, but I’m also adding a new (and equally sporadic) series call Font Friday. It’s where I’ll feature some of...

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Mod my woo

I need some help from a wordpress ninja if you’re out there. I’m using a woo theme for Children’s Ministry Online. Unfortunately, my sidebar is slightly too narrow for something I want to do. Literally, I need the sidebar to be about 4-6 pixels wider. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as just changing some numbers. In addition to some code changes, it also requires some changes to the background image (says the Woo Themes support forum). So, I’m getting some quotes from some affiliated Woo Theme Customization workers tomorrow. Do you or anyone you know have the competency to make the modifications I need? Feel free to let me know my contacting me from my contact...

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-26

CMO: #kidmin Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-19 # I'm a week into Google Aps for my work email and trying out Inbox Zero. As of a few minutes ago, I had just one email in my inbox. I like! # CMO: #kidmin App of the week: Firefox Home # CMO: #kidmin VBS/Kids Camp on steroids # Just found a pack of fun dip in the room where I'm having a long staff meeting. Score! # RT @samluce: @kennyconley Fun Dip = #kidmin cocaine. // call me a junkie then… Cause I want another already. # CMO: #kidmin ReThink ReInvents Family Times # CMO: #kidmin Secrets of successful check-in # CMO: #kidmin Using an iPad for check-in # @mikekelly09 post accidently went live early. Officially goes live at 10:30ish… Link will work then. 😉 in reply to mikekelly09 # CMO: #kidmin Question to you: When do you recruit? # Just made HungryBear's remixed Rainbow song my ringtone or my wife. I love it. It's beautiful and makes me laugh every time i hear it. # Getting ready to do my last wedding of the summer… Plus it's indoors. Nice! # Wedding is starting off bumpy… Groom doesn't have a ring. Having to borrow one. Father of bride isn't here yet either… 15 min late. Fun! # Wedding done. They played the same sing...

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Question to you: When do you recruit?

I’ve been talking to my team about a big volunteer push. More than likely we’re going to do a 2-3 week push in October which I expect will be pretty good. A few years ago we did a really big push in January which was very well received. However, when have you found to be the most effective time to recruit volunteers? I know a lot of people like to do April and May volunteer drives so they’re all screened, trained and ready for the fall. What has worked best for you? Tell me your story. What’s the most creative or effective thing you’ve done to recruit a boatload of new volunteers? What made it so successful? I’d love to hear some new and creative ideas and strategies that we can implement as we recruit. I’ve found that strong exposure/communication as well as creativity tend to yield great...

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Using an iPad for check-in

I have to admit, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen relating to check-in. This has me interested enough that I’m about to run out and get an iPad to try this out for myself. I’ve actually already asked to borrow someone’s iPad so I can play with it. Check it out. Now this is Fellowship One check-in, but because they’re using remote desktop to accomplish this, they could really use this with almost any check-in system. You can read all about how they did this on the Fellowship One developer’s blog. In some ways, I see this being a really cool way to offer an assisted check-in that is cool and personable. We currently don’t do any self check-in, but this would allow us to still do assisted check-in without it feeling like the volunteer is on the other side of the counter. I’d be curious if anyone else has seen or tried something like...

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Secrets of successful check-in

Does that entice you to read  below? I’m really late in getting this post out, but Fellowship One is hosting a free webinar (only one hour long) about having a successful check-in process. Anyone is invited to attend the webinar, even if you don’t use Fellowship One. I really don’t know if it’s going to be a big pitch for Fellowship One, but even if you don’t use F1, I’d plan to participate. I’m sure you’ll learn some good stuff. Here’s what I do know. Fellowship One REALLY knows check-in. Trust me, I’ve seen and used many of the other leading check-in solutions and I’ve not experienced any that come very close to Fellowship One. Seriously, I love Fellowship One. Even if you’re not using F1 and it’s unlikely that you will switch, I’m sure there’s something you can learn from the guys who do it best. So, here are the details: Free webinar on the Secrets of Check-in For Children, Events and Rapid Follow-Up. Fellowship Technologies will host its next webinar on July 21, 2010 at 1:00 PM (CDT) about the Secrets of Successful Check-In. This helpful and informative online session will reveal how to use Check-In for children’s ministry, activities and events with rapid follow-up! The webinar is free, but registration is required. To register visit This hour-long webinar includes insight from the staff of Fellowship...

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ReThink ReInvents Family Times

I must say that I’m very excited about Cue Box, a new resource coming soon from reThink that ties directly into 252Basics. For years reThink has offered virtue packs through Family Times that tied into the monthly virtue. Don’t get me wrong, these are great resources. However, we couldn’t ever really get a lot of momentum behind them. The parents who used them like them, but few committed to using them regularly. Cue Box is a reinvention of the Family Times virtue packs. The big change is that it’s DVD and Kid driven. Rather than going the route of offering a resource to parents that they “should” use, Cue Box offers a resource that basically does the same thing but because it is Kid-driven, the kids are pushing their parents toward getting it and using it. Who knows how successful it will be? It probably depends on how you promote it among your parents and how readily available you make it. From what I’ve seen, the production value seems high (personally I think it’s on a significantly higher level than any of their other video content) and I can’t imagine that the content is anything less than excellent. Click here to visit and learn more about Cue Box. This resource begins with September’s virtue, so you don’t want to miss your opportunity to get in on the ground...

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VBS/Kids Camp on steroids

A co-worker recently sent me information about a little event that happens at a church in St. Louis every year. When I came across JUMP, I had two simultaneous reactions. I was in absolute wonder and awe of the sheer size of this event. I threw up in my mouth just a little bit thinking about putting on and event of this size JUMP is a week-long VBS/Day Camp hybrid held at St. Louis Family Church. Over the years it has grown from a small outreach to an event of epic proportions. This year 3,243 participated. Here’s some of what it took to pull JUMP off: 987 volunteers (Thank you all!) 158 watermelons 485 gallons of Gatorade 5,700 bags of cotton candy 260 pounds and 8,350 bags of popcorn 6,928 pounds of ice 167 gallons of syrup 18,200 sno-cones Amazing, huh? What spoke to me the most about this is that at Children’s Pastors, we have to constantly be creative and just because we don’t have a resource or staff or facility doesn’t mean God can’t do something utterly amazing through your ministry and church. JUMP is pretty impressive, but it’s a day camp held in the church parking lot. Chances are you have one of those, so what’s stopping you from thinking outside of the box and doing something...

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App of the week: Firefox Home

So I just found a killer new app. It’s called Firefox Home. I’m a pretty big fan of Firefox and it’s my default browser. I don’t know if any of you are like this, but I’ve got tab issues. I like to have lots and lots of tabs open at the same time. When I say lots of tabs, I really mean A LOT of tabs. It’s a problem I certainly need help with, but that’s a different blog post. So, have you ever been on your iPhone and you can’t remember a site you need to go to that you even have bookmarked on your computer at home? Maybe that page is even open on your computer at the office right now. Wouldn’t it be great to actually easily pull up that page you were looking at yesterday on your home computer  on your iPhone? Well, with Firefox Home, you can and it’s pretty impressive. You have to enable the Firefox Add-On “Firefox Sync” and setup an account. With this Firefox Add-On, you can sync your tabs, history and bookmarks across computers. With the Firefox Home iPhone app, you can have access to all of that data right on your phone. It’s absolutely beautiful! So, it’s really simple. One page is dedicated to search. Type in any term that may have been on a page you were viewing...

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