Month: June 2011

Has it really been two weeks?

I’m slightly embarrassed by how little I’ve posted in the last 2-3 weeks. It’s certainly not because I’ve got nothing to say. Things have been busy on an epic level and I’m devoting all my time to pressing matters. Maybe next week I’ll get back into a little rhythm of posting, even if it’s just a few posts a week. I’m sure many of you are feeling the business of summer as well. This is our time, right? So, in the next few days or so (mostly today) I’m going to be asking for a little creative help. I’m finalizing my summer camp messages. In three weeks I’m taking a group of 3rd-5th graders to camp. I’ve been hired by the camp to speak the week our kids are at camp as well as the week following. Fortunately, I wrote all the messages 3 months ago. However, at this time I’m finalizing the details and finishing all my illustrations and such. I’m still wrestling with a few illustration points, so I thought I’d throw out my thoughts and get some ideas from all of you. So, if you have  few minutes, please share some creative juices with...

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Evan Doyle is working for me this summer!

You’re jealous, aren’t you? I can’t describe how pumped I am that Evan is going to spend the summer with me and my team here at Gateway. Hopefully Evan doesn’t have a “typical internship” like the cartoon above describes… ha! Just before Christmas, he contacted me asking about doing a summer internship with me. Over spring break he came for a visit just to see everything for himself and I’m pretty sure that sealed the deal… both for him and for us. It’s going to be a great summer. I’m a big believer in internships. The knowledge and experiences you get from the hands on work during an internship are priceless. I truly believe that the experience you get during internships during college significantly determine your first job out of college. Actually, many good internships turn into jobs, so it’s important that you pick great places to intern. Evan isn’t going to be your normal intern though. I first met Evan when he was a 6th grader essentially “interning” under Ryan Frank, which he’s continued to do all these years since. Evan is coming to Gateway with a load of experience already, he’s just looking for a different experience, which he will get. Actually, I’m hoping that Evan will help us develop a more structured internship that we can begin to offer in the coming years. So, those of you know know...

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New mountains on my horizon!

The title isn’t figurative, it’s quite literal. Two years ago Sara and I attempted to climb Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs along the Crags route. Only about 700 feet from the summit, we had to turn back due to near white-out conditions, hail and lightning. It was a wild ride. I wrote about the hike here and here and actually wrote about the adventure on my personal blog here. Well, Sara and I have made plans to visit Colorado Springs again this summer and I’ve got the itch to conquer a 14,000 foot mountain. Because Sara is pregnant, she obviously won’t be hiking with me. Because she’s not hiking, I’m not going to attempt Pikes Peak again, that’s something she really wants to do with me again. However, I’ve set my sights on a new mountain… or should I say mountains. In mid-July I’ll be attempting to summit both Gray’s Peak and Torrey’s Peak. The two mountains are joined at the waist, so after we summit Gray’s (depending on time, weather and how we feel), we’ll make the traverse over to Torrey’s before descending to the bottom. It’s a slightly longer trek than what we did on Pike’s two years ago, but only because we’ll be hiking up and down. We’ll actually be on the summit much quicker on Gray’s than we would have been on Pikes Peak. So, two weeks ago...

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