Month: October 2011

Starting a Local Kidmin Network: Recruiting

Once you have two or three other people who are on board with your newly formed network, now it’s time to start connecting with others. This part really is easier than you would think. I’ve found that kidmin folks generally do want to get together, too many just never really initiate. So now you just got to make the connections. Here is where I start. Work connections – I try to find out who my pastor is already connected to locally. My pastor is pretty tight in a network of about 10 other churches in Austin. Once I found out what those churches were, I messaged the Children’s Pastors of those churches to get the ball rolling. It’s a lot easier making that first connection when you use the line “Our pastors network on a regular basis, so I thought it would be great if we connected.” In addition to your pastor, maybe there are others from your staff that do some networking locally. Piggyback off of those relationships. Work digital networks – Jump on sites like kidology or CM Connect and do searches based on region. Sometimes you’ll find others near you and it’s often a lot easier to connect through that medium than a random cold call out of left field. Search facebook and make sure there’s not already a kidmin group in your area or something. Connecting...

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The Homeless Blogger: Things I’d tell the old me (Part 1)

I wrapped up my homeless blogging series about 10 days ago. It kind of didn’t make sense to continue a “Homeless Blog” when my blog was back up and running without issue. However, I felt like I was really starting to get into a groove. Enough so, I started a little series as the homeless blogger called, “Things I’d tell the Old Me.” The idea is that if I had a time machine and if I could go back in time, what would I tell the me 10-15 years ago. Obviously, that isn’t going to happen, but the effort wouldn’t be in vain. There are many people who are in the same exact situation that I’m in now and it would be good to tell my story to them. So, here we go with my “Things I’d tell the Old Me” on the Homeless blogger tour. I begin with a post hosted by Ryan Frank. Many don’t know that Ryan Frank and I go way back… maybe 8-9 years back when he had me come speak at his kids camp in IN (just a hint on how long ago this was… but Evan Doyle was just a 6th or 7th grade helper back then). Back to the post… My first message to myself is that I’d tell myself that you are far less important than you think you are....

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Font Friday: Picking Fonts

Well over a year ago I started Front Friday and I think I only posted two or three times. So, let’s just say that this is a very infrequent blog day. However, someone passed this along to me a few weeks ago and I thought it would fit perfectly for “Font Friday.” When doing any design work, picking the right font is key. So, here’s a fun little chart that will help you in picking out the right font for your project....

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The Homeless Blogger: Kidmin Discipleship

Gina McClain is a great friend. I actually just got to have lunch with her and her husband along with some other really cool kidmin folks in Knoxville. While I was homeless, Gina graciously allowed me to post on her blog. Maybe I wasn’t the most gracious guest, because I do feel that I wrote about a hot topic. Basically, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about discipleship. Most of us in kidmin and student ministry have our “elements” that we call discipleship, but I’m wondering about how subjective the word “discipleship” really is. If Jesus set the example of what discipleship looks like, why do we call something we’re doing in ministry discipleship when it really doesn’t look much like what Jesus did at all. I’m sure I’ll blog more about this soon, but for now, check out my Homeless Blogger post over at Gina’s...

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The Homeless Blogger: Kidmin for Free

This post from the Homeless Blogger was hosted by my good friend and conference roommate, Matt McKee. Matt and I first met close to 10 years ago when he was at Fellowship Church in Dallas and I was in IN coming to Texas for a C3 conference. We’ve become good friends since then. So, it’s only natural that he would host the next installment of the Homeless Blogger. This post was fun to write because I feel that it touches on a sensitive topic. With digital resources and crowd sourcing projects, we’ve kind of come to expect certain products and services to be free. Honestly, I love free stuff just like anyone else. However, I think it’s dangerous when we expect everything to be free… because in reality, everything costs something. Read the full article...

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Starting a local Kidmin network: Foundation

Every great thing has small beginnings it’s no different with your Kidmin network. You have to build a great foundation for the network before it becomes that HUGE resource you’re envisioning. Honestly it begins with just one or two relationships. The first year I lived in Austin I only knew one other children’s pastor. We connected every couple of months and shared ideas and just kept up with how each other was doing. The way we met was purely accidental. In my second year of living in Austin I ended up meeting and getting to know two other Children’s pastors. After having a somewhat frequent relationship with three or four other children’s pastors I decided to get things started. I sent out an email just asking if they would be interested in helping me start a larger network. It was a no brainier for all of them. We met for lunch one day and discussed what we wanted the network to look like. We planned the meetings and scheduled when they would happen. We planed lunch meetings for five months and then started inviting other churches to be a part. Everyone participated in trying to reach out to one or two other churches. Most churches responded with great enthusiasm. To be honest, starting this thing was easier than you would think. We’ve had meetings with as few as five...

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The Homeless Blogger: Kidmin Heritage and Kidmin Soon-to-be

This installment of the Homeless Blogger was hosted by my new friend Brian (not Brain) Dollar. Brian and I both spoke at a conference in North Carolina where we met for the first time. I must admit that it’s a total honor to know him now and I look forward to many more meetings and conversations in the future! Brian has a creative spin on the typical “kidmin” blog, so be sure to check it out! In this post, I recounted a very interesting experience I had while at the Kidmin Conference in Chicago. While there, I had the opportunity to meet many Kidmin pros from the past. These were the men and women who have been leading in the world of kimin for 30+ years. My advantage? I spent a lot of time with Bro Jim Wideman and he know’s all the long-termers. So, it was pretty cool to hear some stories about those days long gone. On the other end though, most of the new and up-and-coming movers and shakers in kidmin were present. It provided an interesting mix of Kidmin past and Kidmin future all in one space. Read the whole article...

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The Homeless Blogger: Gina McClain is my friend

This Homeless Blogger is graciously being hosted by my arch-nemesis, Dustin Nickerson. Dustin’s a great guy, I’ve gotten to know him pretty well over the past few months and I like him a lot. You probably will too, so check out his blog here. In this post I share some notes about one of the best general session speakers at Kidmin, my friend Gina McClain. She absolutely rocked it. She hit a rhythm pretty early on with many great points and some good laughs. However, near the end of her talk, you could have heard a pin drop and tears fell from many eyes as Gina pushed on a really sensitive topic. It was powerful, a message I intend to listen to more than once and you should too. Read more about this session at Kidmin...

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The Homeless Blogger: Conference Roommates

My third Homeless blogger post was generously hosted by my good friend Sam Luce. Sam Luce is one of my closest friends and a true partner in ministry. We have many things in common, but we’ve also been involved in many projects together. You can check out his killer blog right here! In this post I wrote about conference roommates. I think I asked Sam to host this post because he’s been my roommate on more occasions than you can imagine. We’ve shared a room at the Hampton Inn in Middle Tennessee for at least a dozen night over the past few years. Essentially this was a silly post about my other good friend Matt McKee and I sharing rooms at Kidmin. Of all the speakers at Kidmin, I think that Matt and I were the only ones sharing a room. I wasn’t being down on anyone else, but just took the opportunity to say that the conference experience is far too short and if at all possible, I never room alone. There’s just too much to learn, share and experience. Read the whole post...

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Starting a local Kidmin Network

I believe that one of the most powerful things that we can do in ministry is to network and connect with others who do the same thing that we do. It’s probably the best way that we can learn. Plus, it’s always encouraging to be able to connect with someone and get help when you need it. For the past 4 years I’ve been actively connecting with ministry leaders from around the US and world and it has literally changed my approach to ministry. However, I’ve never been great at connecting on a local level. I’ve never had a good model of what that looks like. So, last year I launched a Kidmin Network here in Austin, TX. This week I’m going to share my experiences of networking on a local level. The group in Austin has been a true blessing and I’m actually in the process of helping to launch a similar network in San Antonio (about 80 miles away). Plus, next week I’m gathering with local kidmin leaders in Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville, TN. Some of the same principles apply to these meetings in TN as they do for the groups I’ve started here in Texas. Stay tuned, it should be...

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