Month: February 2012

Come hang out with me at Orange

This April I’ll be attending my 5th Orange Conference and I must say that I’m very excited. Last year was an incredibly experience from connecting with some of my favorite people, learning from some of the greatest leaders in ministry and being honored with the opportunity to lead a handful of breakouts. Well, I must have done all right as I’ve been invited back again to lead another breakout. I’ll be leading Preconference Workshop #3 “How To: Connect with Parents Via Social Networking.” This is on Wednesday at 1:30 PM. Here’s what I’m excited about. If you select the “Social Media in Ministry” track, you’ll find four workshops being taught by Matt McKee, Gina McClain and me. I think it’s a fun that I get to be a part of this track with some of my best friends in ministry. I led this same workshop with Matt McKee this year, but don’t you worry, this breakout is getting a total overhaul. So even if you attended this breakout last year, you’ll get all new content. Only a week after breakout registration opened up, this breakout is already over half-way full. If you want in, you better sign up before it’s full (and no, I will not tell you what the breakout is about later… ha!). Register here… today! Here’s the description: HOW TO: Connect with Parents Via Social Media What would be the...

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My Holy Hangover

Just so you know, I felt like a dork typing in that title. Whatever. So it’s Thursday and it’s been forever since I’ve blogged. I’ve had a lot of distractions, namely the Nashville Illuminate Conference. Let me just say, I love my Nashville peeps. The event was hands down amazing! The best yet. Everyone from my incredible hosts at Long Hollow to all the people who attended were so wonderful. Although Illuminate was created to be a blessing to those who serve in kidmin, I’m pretty sure that I left the event that day more blessed than anyone else. Now that my 2011-2012 events are wrapped up, I’m working on launching Illuminate Online and working out dates for 2012-2013. Exciting stuff for sure and I’m already dreaming up huge things for next year! Woo hoo! Below are some of my favorite tweets from last Saturday: Ryan_Millard1Feb 18, 9:01am via Buffer pumped to be at the #illumin8 conference!! here we GO!! going to be a great day! robynbcollinsFeb 18, 9:21am via instagram @longhollow gina_mcclainFeb 18, 9:26am via HootSuite At opening session of #illumin8 listening to @kennyconley pour into some of our @faithpromise volunteers. josephreedFeb 18, 9:36am via Twitter for iPhone We are having a blast already at #illumin8. @pointofmercy #KidsPoint. #fb RachelTaylor872Feb 18, 9:56am via txt God created the home before He created the church. #illumin8 adambayneFeb 18, 9:56am via TweetDeck The best thing a #kidmin leader can do for his ministry...

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The Nashville Illuminate is 4 days away!

And I’m pumped! As of right now, we have 522 people registered to attend! That’s right, 522! Crazy number for just a regional conference. I’m so grateful to the local Nashville churches who helped get the word out. It’s going to be an amazing event and I expect to see hundreds of volunteers encouraged and equipped this Saturday. It’s going to be awesome! So, if you’ve been thinking about coming, it’s not too late. Online registration will remain open until Wednesday at noon. After that, anyone can register at the door (doors open at 8:00 AM) on Saturday, February 18th! I really hope to see you...

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Orange Week: I need help!

It’s been almost four years since I first learned about the Orange strategy. One of the most compelling concepts was it idea of two combined influences – church and home. This really clicked for me as a long-time children’s pastor who felt such an unbelievable burden to raise and disciple kids yet struggled with doubts about long term effectiveness. Clearly defining the family as the other part of the combined influence wasn’t an “out” for me, but a moment of clarity on how I could use my time more effectivity… or even strategically. However, as a dad who “knows his stuff pretty well,” I’ve come to realize how much help I really do need. Four years into unpacking the Orange strategy, this stuff has hit home in a new way was my four an a half year old boy has come to an age where what I say and do has significant consequences. I’ve “accidentally” fallen into some really cool “God moment” conversations and it made me realize that I really need to be far more intentional at this age. Because of my experience and role in ministry, I have a bevy or resources at my fingertips, but I find myself in situations often where I honestly don’t know what to do next. It doesn’t take too long to figure out what resources or what conversations to focus on, but I’ve become keenly...

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Never get too comfortable

Last week I came across this article I found in someone’s facebook feed. America’s largest church is facing a 10+ million dollar lawsuit because of something that happened (or didn’t happen) in their children’s ministry. Who knows what is going to happen, but this whole thing probably could have been prevented. The article states: The lawsuit accuses the church of negligence in its investigation, in reporting the alleged incident to police and in lacking surveillance that could have saved Guzman from being wrongfully accused of a crime. The church also is accused of failing to adequately train security and failing to take corrective action after similar previous events, the lawsuit states. If this article doesn’t scare the poop out of you, then there is a good chance you’ve gotten too comfortable with your policies and procedures around the prevention and reporting of inappropriate actions toward children within your ministry. Our first priority should always be to protect the kids. Secondly, we need to prioritize protecting the volunteers who serve in our ministries. In addition, we need to prioritize the protection of our church. A lawsuit like this could mean the end of your church as well as your career in children’s ministry. Obviously, this lawsuit is too new to know what really happened, but it appears that a child was not molested. However, potentially poor training/reporting didn’t protect a volunteer. This ex-volunteer who...

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