Month: October 2012

Microsoft Surface: Did I miss something?

Apparently Microsoft announced a new product called the surface recently. I was watching Hulu this weekend and saw a comercial for the Surface tablet and I did an immediate double-take. What? I’ll admit, I was immediately disappointed.

Why? Because more than 5 years ago, Microsoft announced a product they had developed called Surface. I wrote about it here. Below is a video.

Yes, the video above looks like the future, right? Apparently, they only made a handful of these tabletop computers which made their way to high end hotels and such. I never saw one personally. Instead, Microsoft launches a new product last week called the surface, and it didn’t look like the future.

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The Parent Rap: Misdirected?

This video has been making it’s rounds, over half a million views in the last six months. Honestly, I saw it yesterday for the first time. I loved it. I laughed multiple times and showed it to Sara. Titus watched it twice.

As much as I liked it, I kind of had a problem with it to. This video, along with many others like it continue to prop up an unrealistic view of the family. Sure, it looks like my family, but research says that only 25% of families in America are defined as kids living with both their biological parents.

Yes, the family pictured in this video might be God’s ideal for families, but 75% of current families in the US will never look like this. If the church continues to point to this image, both in humor and all seriousness, we risk isolating non-traditional families from experiencing the fullness of what God has for them. I’m not speaking out against videos like this. Again, I loved it. However, where are the both serious and humorous videos that inspire families in a less than ideal situation.

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Your ministry title is confusing to me

Some people get really creative with their job titles.

Director of Smiles
Ministry Ninja
Director of Amazement
These are hilarious and I’m sure they make having the title fun and energizing. However, for everyone outside the organization, it’s hard to know what you actually do. I think this is worth considering.

I’ve run into this dilema lately. I’m a NextGen Pastor, essentially I oversee all ministry to kids and students (or the Next Generation). This role is similar to a Family Pastor or Director of Family Ministry as this is very similar to the NextGen role. However, there’s some room for confusion here. The term Family Ministry is subjective.

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Multisite environments for kids

After consulting experts and leaders in all things multisite, we at Worlds of Wow have a few things to share regarding logos and branding. We are excited share them with the CMO family in regards to multisite kid spaces. A special thanks to Kenny for letting me guest blog here today!

Same Logos:  This may seem like a no-brainer but developing the same logos helps your church in several ways.    Using the same logo throughout all your ministry spaces maximizes your budget dollars.  Like logos also helps your church environment.  Families will associate your ministry by the logos-just like any other brand recognition.

Same Colors:  By choosing the same color palette for your ministry spaces you create similar environments.  Let your walls work for you! Colors are a great way to keep your campuses unified in look and design.  A fresh coat of paint on the walls can do a lot to spruce up an environment.  Consider your logo and choose wall colors that compliment them.

Same Signs:  Having the same style of sign will make it much easier for families to recognize classrooms campus to campus.  Often times, your families will jump campus to campus.  By utilizing like signage-you create an even greater sense of community among your campuses regardless of their location.

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