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Is your ministry safe

Posted on 17. Dec, 2012 by .

Because of the events last week in Connecticut where innocent children were killed, most everyone who works with kids is thinking, "what if that happened in the place where I work?" If you haven't had this thought, you should. We are charged to take our role as both physical and spiritual guardians very seriously and we should do everything we reasonably can to make our ministry environments a safe place for the kids who come. So, before I write any more content on this subject and before you read any further, ask yourself this question. Where are the weak spots in your ministry? Where are the places that need to be shored up to keep your kids, families and volunteers safe. I'm crazy about safety and over the weekend, several areas came to mind, things we can do better or ways we can make our ministry area more secure. What comes to your mind? Here's the challenge. Take action on at least one thing this week. Bust it out and make it happen. It's worth the effort and if it's a public change, it communicates good things to parents.

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My Holiday Quest: Gangnam Style Christmas

Posted on 07. Dec, 2012 by .

You might have seen this on the news or via some other social media outlet. It's gone viral for sure... and this house is near where I live, like within 5 or 6 miles. Yet, I don't know where because they've not published their address. Challenge accepted! Before Christmas I plan to post my picture in front of this house! UPDATE: I wrote this post while Sara was at the dentist. When she got home, I showed her the video and I told her that I wanted to find the house. Literally, within 3 minutes, she had an address for me. She's a genius. So, we're going to go find it this weekend!

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Illuminate: Freakishly awesome content

Posted on 05. Dec, 2012 by .

Can I share with you one of my best kept conference attending secrets. I learned this one from some good friends of mine. When deciding on which breakout to attend, always pick the speaker over the breakout title. Well, unless what the speaker is talking about has no interest to you. It's true though, sometimes a really great breakout crashed and burns because the speaker didn't communicate it well enough. Stick with a strong ministry leader/communicator and you usually won't be disappointed with the experience. I've taken this little rule to hear when it comes to planning Illuminate Conference breakouts. If I pick the best speakers I can get my hands on, then it doesn't matter what they talk about, it's going to be great, right? Pretty much. No, I've gone through the painstaking process of picking an incredible team of communicators and lining them up with the things they are most knowledgable and passionate about. You can know that when you bring your team to Illuminate, your volunteers are going to walk away with pages of notes because they've learned from some of the best. Check out some of the breakouts we're hosting in different cities this year:

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Illuminate: The regional conference unlike any regional conference

Posted on 04. Dec, 2012 by .


For the past 5-6 years, I’ve placed a very high value on networking both locally and nationally. I finally figured out that there are other people who do ministry way better than I do. I figured that I could either read their book (if they have one, I’ve read it) or actually I could reach out and try to get to know them. This strategy has played out very well for me as I’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn from many of the most influential voices in ministry today.

The relationships I’ve gained through networking has given the Illuminate Conference an incredible opportunity. Unlike some regional conferences, Illuminate offers an incredibly high quality experience simply because the communicators are the best of the best. Seriously, these are the same people leading breakouts at Orange, Kidmin, CPC and all the other national conferences. Yes, you actually can provide a very similar experience for your volunteers that you experienced at the conference designed for you. I did say that right. Illuminate is not the same as the big national conferences. No, Illuminate takes many of the same high quality communicators and creates a unique experience designed just for volunteers. Your volunteers.

So, who’s is speaking this year? Check it out:

Keynote speakers include Sue Miller and Reggie Joiner (amazing, huh?)

Breakout communicators include:

  • Jonathan Cliff
  • Dan Scott
  • Jenny Funderburke
  • Jenny Golden
  • Cass Brannon
  • Kenny Conley
  • Amy Fenton
  • Matt McKee
  • Annette Borman
  • Sam Luce
  • Jim Wideman
  • Amy Fenton
  • Gina McClain
  • Meghan Wall
  • Dale Hudson
  • Adam Duckworth
  • Andy Savage

For the full list and all the speaker bios (sometimes you need a picture to go with a face), click here!

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Did someone say Illuminate?

Posted on 03. Dec, 2012 by .

Well, this week I'm getting the word out. I've been really quite for the last several months about Illuminate. Why? Because there have been way too many moving parts and I've been working like crazy to get it to all come together. We had some events move around and although registration opened months ago and already, hundreds of people are registered for 2013 events, today is the day that I'm publicly launching Illuminate on the interwebs. Yes, it's time! If you haven't been there in a while, roll on over to So, what can you expect this year? Last year was pretty awesome. We had just over 1000 people participate in three different cities. This year, we're turning the "awesome" dial up and I'm pretty sure we're going to do some pretty incredible stuff. Let me list off the reasons for why Illuminate is going to rock:

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