Month: February 2013

Nashville Illuminate – It’s going to be Epic

Illuminate comes to Nashville tomorrow. We have two incredible conferences under our belt so far and we’re so excited about Nashville, the biggest event yet. Today I was surprised by Robyn Collins from Long Hollow Baptist who has been preparing for the Illuminate team to arrive. I’ve never been more proud to be on a team than I have now – especially with Sam Luce. He looks really serious. If you live near Nashville, you can still come! Register at the door on Saturday morning! Check out our theme song below!...

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History of Fonts

If you’ve read this blog for more than a year or two, you’ve learned that I have a certain love… and hate for specific fonts.  (Here are some of my past posts on fonts) (Go here to catch up on some of my “I loath Algerian font” themed posts which got me sited in the Algerian Font’s wiki page as a font hate site… Ha! I’m such a nerd) Every now an again, I’ll find a very interesting video or blog about fonts. When designing (something we all do – every time we hang a sign on a door for parents to read), paying attention to the font is important. Some fonts are better designed for big signs, others for easy reading text. Using the wrong font in some situations communicates something different than what you’re trying to say with your font. I know, for some of you this sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

My good friend Jonathan Cliff knows of my love of fonts and sends me links all the time. Here’s a really interesting video on the history of fonts.. why they’re called fonts, why we call them “upper case” and “lower case” and even where they term italics came from. However, there’s a big chunk of the video that deals with the infamous Comic Sans font, where it came from and why so many people hate it.


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Special Kidmin rate for tax preparation

Hey Kidmin friends! It’s that time of year again. Time to pay the piper… I mean Uncle Sam. If you’re in full time ministry, taxes aren’t easy. Self-employment taxes, social security issues, housing allowance, milage and all the other complicated pieces of the puzzle you have to mess with. The result ends up being that tax time becomes either really complicated or really expensive. Over the years, I’ve learned that many of my kidmin friends have a “tax-connection” where they have a friend or professional that gives them a great deal. That’s awesome! For those who don’t, I’ve got a special connection for you!

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Mud and the Masterpiece

Five years ago I was in the process of interviewing for my current job at Gateway. To better know what I was getting into, I picked up John Burke’s (senior pastor) book, No Perfect People Allowed. I was stunned. It was one of the best books I’ve read on practical ministry in a culture where people are far from God… which is pretty much everywhere. After reading the book, all I could think was, “Really, can I work at a church like Gateway?”

Today, John’s new book releases, “Mud and the Masterpiece.” All I can say is WOW, he did it again. This one though is targeted right at our hearts. Why do we so often exhibit “Pharisee-like” behavior and how can we align our thoughts and attitudes to be more like that of Jesus. The book is a study of all of Jesus’ encounters with people. Incredible!

So, although this book isn’t specifically practical church ministry or children’s ministry specific, I do believe that if our leaders and volunteers take to hear the truths from this book, transformation within your ministry and church is inevitable.

So, here’s the deal… it’s a great deal.

If you buy the book this week (February 1-8th), you’ll get $45 worth of resources.

  • The audio book (actually, only if you buy it today… February 1st)
  • The Action Guide (How this can be more than just a book, but a tool to put into action every day)
  • A Small Group Guide
  • The 1211 Band new Worship Album (Live CD)

Just go to for details. Don’t delay… pick this up today! You can even download a sample chapter.

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