Author: Jenn Day

Growing: Reading

Structured learning environments aren’t always an option. Intentional networking might be a little challenging based on your location or your time commitments. Perhaps there isn’t room in the budget for the mentoring you’d like to do. It’s okay, this is reality. But that’s why reading is such an incredible option for personal growth. That’s why I love books so much! No, seriously. I Love Books!! I love to read. I love to write. I love to talk about books. I love to think about the next book I am going to read. I have books in my car, on...

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Ministry Money Management 101

It’s April 15th, which is “Tax Day” here in the United States. Taxes got me thinking about money, which lead me to think about my ministry budget. Since ministry budgets is a thing we all deal with, let’s talk about the basics. Some ministries have massive budgets. Other ministries have little to none. Regardless of the number of zeros in your bottom line, you need to be proactive about staying on top of your budget. Like many of you, I have a Finance Department that helps me stay on top of my spending and my allocations. I have a few things that help me stay on...

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Fooled: Little Things Are Big Things

  Everyone has BIG plans, right? We have lists with BIG things to do. Our hope is that we will make a BIG difference. There is nothing wrong with BIG – as long as you don’t overlook and neglect the little things. It’s easy to convince ourselves that the little things don’t matter as much. We can sacrifice them for the BIG. Our focus ends up on the big rocks that take up so many of our weekly hours. We act like the little things just don’t matter as much. Don’t be fooled. Thinking that little things aren’t really big is...

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Multisite environments for kids

After consulting experts and leaders in all things multisite, we at Worlds of Wow have a few things to share regarding logos and branding. We are excited share them with the CMO family in regards to multisite kid spaces. A special thanks to Kenny for letting me guest blog here today!

Same Logos:  This may seem like a no-brainer but developing the same logos helps your church in several ways.    Using the same logo throughout all your ministry spaces maximizes your budget dollars.  Like logos also helps your church environment.  Families will associate your ministry by the logos-just like any other brand recognition.

Same Colors:  By choosing the same color palette for your ministry spaces you create similar environments.  Let your walls work for you! Colors are a great way to keep your campuses unified in look and design.  A fresh coat of paint on the walls can do a lot to spruce up an environment.  Consider your logo and choose wall colors that compliment them.

Same Signs:  Having the same style of sign will make it much easier for families to recognize classrooms campus to campus.  Often times, your families will jump campus to campus.  By utilizing like signage-you create an even greater sense of community among your campuses regardless of their location.

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