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2016 State of Children’s Ministry

My friends at Aspen Grove are conducting a survey that is pretty significant to the world of Children’s Ministry. Most statistics/survey results we see are often organizationally biased. They’re not bad, but the data comes specifically from the users of one curriculum or organization which isn’t inclusive of the diversified whole. Aspen Grove recently launched a survey called “The 2016 State of Children’s Ministry.” It’s a survey that will only take 10-12 minutes (I took it in under 10) and will give all of us a better understanding of what challenges we are facing now. Many ask, “what the...

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Orange 2016 is live NOW!

Today has been an unbelievable first day of breakouts here at Orange! Not in Atlanta? No worries. You can still enjoy the Orange Conference from home. at 7:30 PM EST, Orange goes live in ATL and online. Stay tuned to more content from my experience on day one! Click here to go online!  ...

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Live in ATL for OC16

Good morning from beautiful Atlanta, GA. If you’ve been following this blog for any number of years, you’ll know that the last week of April always takes me to the Orange Conference. It literally has to be the busiest week of my year. I’m up early every morning and in bed late. I’ll spend most of the week speaking, hosting, connecting and learning. Years ago, I would simply post my notes from each breakout and main session I attended. Eventually I realized that this wasn’t all that helpful. Without context, a page full of notes isn’t very engaging. Instead,...

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Kidmin Fuels Church Growth

You know that what you do is important, right? You’ve probably felt that way, but it’s actually true. Studies show that few things in the local church fuel church growth more than a healthy children’s ministry. In nearly every case, churches that prioritize their children’s ministry see a return on their investment many times over. I know what you’re probably thinking, “how do I get my Pastor to believe that?” Maybe this will help. Last week Vanderbloemen published a podcast on exactly this topic. On the podcast was Dale Hudson, Children’s Pastor at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach, FL....

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Growing: Learning Environments

The best leaders are ALWAYS growing. Yesterday we took a look at five different ways that we can grow in the context of the ministry we lead. Today I want to talk about structured learning environments. I’ve been in ministry for nearly 20 years now and I’m absolutely amazed at how much there is to learn. Incredible resources are being created every day and new best-practices are being developed. How we do ministry today will probably be different a few years from now. This is the case with everything and we would be good to continue to learn and...

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Are you Growing?

Ministry can be overwhelming. There will ALWAYS be more to do than we have time to do it. One of the most common issues for leaders revolves around priorities. Busy ministry schedules cause leaders to not prioritize their family, their health or other important relationships. We could spend a week exploring several things every leader needs to prioritize, but over the next few days we’re going to explore the area of personal growth. As a ministry leader, you have a responsibility to grow. The kids, families and volunteers that you lead need to you to grow as a leader. As...

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Before You Recruit

Recruiting is the never-ending part of our ministry jobs. To a certain degree, ministry is a revolving door. To maintain or grow your ministry, you have to recruit more people than those who are stepping out. Before just going on a recruiting spree, there really are several things we should do before we recruit. Hopefully these ideas will help you recruit more strategically and stick better volunteers. Know what volunteers you need. Last year I wrote a post about how many volunteers you need. Knowing how many of each kind of volunteer is very important. Visually displaying this in your...

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3 Myths Ministry Leaders Believe

This last weekend, I was able to conduct some kidmin training/consultation in beautiful Billings, MT. I love that I get to travel from time to time and help churches wrestle through challenges. When you visit enough churches and talk to enough leaders, you’ll learn so many things that you’d never fully understand otherwise. Yesterday, I had two different conversations with a church leader and with someone from my staff about things that we believe are true but really aren’t. I’ve found that a lot of church leaders (including myself) believe things about their church or about their community that aren’t always...

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Fooled: Lighten Up

I can’t think of a more important job that those of us who lead ministry to kids. It is kids who are most receptive to the gospel, yet the window for receptivity is narrow. We are trying to make an impact where many parents are not fully bought in, nor are they engaged in the spiritual training of their kids. There are more distractions and things competing for the attention of our kids. We never have enough volunteers and it would be crazy what we could do with just a little more funding. Our jobs MUST be taking seriously,...

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New Voices

A few months ago, I began “reinventing” this website. is about to turn ten years old and I wanted to infuse new life into this site. One of the ways to do that was to bring some additional voices to the writing team. Beginning this month, you’ll begin to see articles/posts form a variety of authors and contributors. I’m leaning into my vast network of peers for guest posts and collecting the best ideas from some of the best leaders in ministry from all around the world. However, I made a strategic decision to bring on a few...

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