Author: Mitch Royer

Promotion Sunday: Small is the New Big

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Larry Osborne, author of Sticky Church and Sticky Teams.  Larry is a brilliant thinker and innovator when it comes to how to make people stick in your ministry. Larry asked the group early into our trip, “What if success and failure was measured not by how many kids, students, or adults attended, but by how many stick when they transition into the next ministry?” He clarified, “If you have 20 – 5th graders moving into 6th grade, and only 5 are involved in student ministry after you...

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Live at Orange: Making Portable Great

Orange Conference is one of my favorite times of year. Meeting up with old friends, learning about new ministry ideas and initiatives, and best of all, growing. I pick each break out with a specific purpose, and plan for how it will impact the Ministry. Because my church is looking to launch multisite campuses, I thought it would be a good idea to sit through a session with Shawn Wood and Robbie Foreman called, “Making Portable Great”. Most of my church experience has been in a portable church setting, but making it great has never been my outcome. This...

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Growing: Intentional Networking

Children’s Ministry is just like real estate. Not really, but kind of. For a very short season in my life, I worked as a real estate agent. When I say short, I mean, SHORT. Honestly, I wasn’t meant to be a realtor. However, I learned something very interesting about real estate that has helped me in kidmin. In real estate school, they say that you have 250 friends and family who are your future sales. Each and every one of your 250 friends and family have 250 friends and family. The most successful real estate agents pick up the...

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Fresh Volunteer Recruiting Tips

A few years ago, I was working as a sales trainer. I would train new hires into the company over a two-week orientation. I found the difference between a good salesperson and a great salesperson comes down to their understanding of a feature and a benefit of our product. Whatever product you are selling, that product has many great features. For example, I have an iPhone, that I love, and it has some amazing features. The many features include 4.3 inch touch screen, 16 gigs of storage, 16 mega pixel camera with a flash, finger print id, full HD,...

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Fooled: Rushing into Change

My first full-time position in ministry was as the Children’s Director at a large church in a small town. At the Age of 20, I had no experience in children’s ministry, but I had the confidence of a veteran. The ministry I inherited was more than substantial for the small town it was located in and I had plans. Big plans. Unfortunately, I was fooled into thinking that I knew a thing or two about change. My first order of business was to draft a 20-point document that I presented to my staff of 6.  This plan was going...

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