Really bad school exam answers

Okay, this hasn’t much to do with Children’s ministry, but was so funny. The Sutent Pastor at on our Keller, TX campus sent this to me a month ago. The best laugh I’d had in a very long time. Click on the pictures to see the actual...

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Sometimes they do listen… and remember

Sometimes in the moment of any particular weekend, doubts of my effectiveness and usefulness creep in. Sometimes as I’m finding difficulty making a connection as I’m teaching or the kids seem to be very distracted, I really wonder what I could have done to have avoided this situation. Fortunately, I carry with me a certain knowledge that has given me confidence in these moments of self-doubt. This knowledge is something my children’s pastor passed on to me as I was beginning my role as a children’s pastor. Mr. Randy, who in my mind wrote the book on children’s ministry, shared how on many occasions he would sit in his car long after church let out and just weep. He’d weep over why the kids didn’t connect, why they were so distracted or why they totally missed the point. Hearing this from the man who shaped much of who I am as a believer and a pastor has helped me deal with the weekends I’d like to do-over. Now, when faced with tough weekends, I still mourn the lost connections and missed points. But instead of over-internalizing, I make note of what I can try to do better and then move on facing the new week ahead. Ultimately, I was obedient in my calling to teach and I did what was expected of me to share. I have to trust...

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God spoke to me through the internet!

God spoke to me last night. You’re reading this right now (if anyone is reading this) because God spoke to me last night! It was very late and I was jumping around the web, reading various articles and blogs on Children’s Ministry. Usually I’m surfing the web doing research and looking for fresh ideas, but last night I was more obsessed with finding out who was blogging all things children’s ministry. There were definitely more bloggers than I expected to find, but certainly not enough. I went to be determined that I was going to start blogging right away. The first email I sent out this morning was to my church communications director and my fellow children’s pastors (I’m at a multi-site church). I told them that as soon as possible, I wanted to launch a children’s ministry blog as a resource to parents. We had just talked the day before about more dynamic content on our website, such as letters from the children’s pastors every week. With the three of us contributing on a regular basis, we could provide a great deal of information for the parents we served. Inspired from my web surf the night before, all I knew was that I needed to start blogging right away. I asked my fellow children’s pastors to hold me accountable to begin and maintain a consistent schedule of writing....

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