Using an iPad for check-in

Posted on 21. Jul, 2010 by in Fresh Ideas, Technology

I have to admit, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen relating to check-in. This has me interested enough that I’m about to run out and get an iPad to try this out for myself. I’ve actually already asked to borrow someone’s iPad so I can play with it. Check it out.

Now this is Fellowship One check-in, but because they’re using remote desktop to accomplish this, they could really use this with almost any check-in system. You can read all about how they did this on the Fellowship One developer’s blog.

In some ways, I see this being a really cool way to offer an assisted check-in that is cool and personable. We currently don’t do any self check-in, but this would allow us to still do assisted check-in without it feeling like the volunteer is on the other side of the counter. I’d be curious if anyone else has seen or tried something like this.

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5 Responses to “Using an iPad for check-in”

  1. J.C.

    22. Jul, 2010

    Yeah I’m definitely thinking this route as well. It would be awesome for more relational connection and would also be awesome to help families tour the facility while being connected to a wireless network.

    Not to mention it would be cool to be able to show them facebook page, ministry webpage, any other web type things that are personal to your ministry.

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  2. Michael

    27. Jul, 2010

    would you just have a self service printer stand and let parents grab the tags?

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  3. Erin Noell

    21. Feb, 2011

    We are definitely going to start using iPads for check-in when we move into our new facility. Do we need 1 PC tower per iPad or can we use multiple iPads on 1 PC? Any information that you could give would be great!

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