This post is mostly directed toward the staff or higher level ministry leader. Whether you are paid or unpaid doesn’t matter. But I’m going to step on my proverbial soapbox and say a few things that many of you need to hear. If I’m being perfectly honest, sometimes I need someone to point their finger at me and remind me again.

You are the Children’s Pastor. You are the Preschool Director. You are the (insert your title here). You are in your position for a reason. Okay, maybe some of you fell into your position on accident… you were available and your pastor snatched you and put you in charge… but it wasn’t an accident. You have one of the most amazing responsibilities on the planet. You are a key influencer in the spiritual formation of multiple lives. Kids are going to make it to heaven and experience a full life of purpose here in this world because of a part that you play. That’s amazing! That’s beautiful! That’s your privilege.

Please. For the love of all that is good. Have more respect for yourself. Have more respect for the calling God has placed on your life. Some of you are probably asking, “What do you mean? I respect myself!” Let me break this down.

Stop arriving at the church two hours early to set up chairs.

Stop taking craft supplies home and prepping them for Sunday mornings.

Stop making the supply runs mid-week for snacks and other supplies.

Stop spending four nights a week calling people to fill this Sunday’s schedule.

Stop making copies of this week’s curriculum.

Stop it. Just stop it.


Anyone can set up chairs. Anyone can prep crafts. Anyone can run errands. Anyone can make copies. Anyone can make phone calls (well, almost).


No one can do what you do. You’re leading the ministry because God put you there. He put you there so that you could invest in others and build into a team. He put you there so that you could multiply yourself into an army of others (sometimes armies start with just one or two). Let me level with you. When it comes to the most important things you could possibly do with your time, menial tasks aren’t even in the top 50. You need to be hanging out and investing in leaders. You need to be connecting with and helping parents. You need to be building something that lasts beyond your tenure.

This week, take a look at the list of tasks you do each and every week. Find a way to delegate one off your plate in the next week or two. There’s someone out there who LOVES to do the stuff you need to pass on. Take the time. Find them and empower them. Read Ephesians 4:12 if you need reminding.

Respect yourself and respect the calling God put on your life and focus on only the things you can do and delegate everything else to the team you need to build.