If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you’ve discovered that I’m a little bit of a freak about fonts. Actually, you may only know that I have a raging hatred (is that too strong of a feeling about a font) against the font “Algerian.” Just in case you’re wondering, I equally detest “Comic Sans.” No joke, the other day I married a couple where the wife was a school teacher. I sent her the wedding outline to look over and make modifications. She sent it back to me a week later with her changes. One of which was reformatting the outline in the font Comic Sans. Arrrrrggggg!

Just so you know. I don’t just hate certain fonts. I really like other fonts. When I see a font I like, I imagine the things I would use it for. Usually when designing, the first thing I look at is my font book to get inspiration for the overall design. I feel really proud of myself at times when I’m out and I see a font I recognize. I’ll tell my wife what the font is on that billboard. She’s not nearly as impressed. ūüôā

So, I’ll continue my sporadic series of the dreaded Algerian font in the wild, but I’m also adding a new (and equally sporadic) series call Font Friday. It’s where I’ll feature some of my favorite fonts as well as new fonts I fall in love with. Most importantly, I’ll share these wonderful fonts with you as well. Remember, this blog is a two-way conversation. Shoot me a message telling me what some of your favorite fonts are and maybe I’ll feature them on a Friday as well.