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Product Review: Live it Out

Posted on 30. Jun, 2010 by .


So a few weeks ago, we took 70 kids and leaders to summer camp. There were 400 kids there overall and I had been hired by the camp to be the Camp Pastor at one of the three weeks of camp. They had chosen reThink’s Live it Out curriculum in a box to use as a camp theme and curriculum. We use both 252 Basics and My First Look every Sunday, so I was pretty familiar with the material. However, I wanted to give a review of my experience using the material supplied. Please note though that I didn’t go out and select this product and I wasn’t in charge of determining what we used and what we didn’t. As the Camp Pastor, I was given the DVD of video elements as well as the small group materials that had been selected for small group breakouts. So, my experience is more from a “adapt and use” approach instead of “choose and use” approach.

In the 8-10 years that I’ve taught at kids camp, this is the first time I’ve ever used a curriculum. I’ve always developed the theme, written the messages and put together the small group/develotional materials. So, this was a very new experience for me as well. After using a curriculum, would I do it again? Yeah, I think I would.

Live it Out was the first curriculum I’ve used for camp and it was a good/great experience… but I think that your feelings about it are going to depend on what your expectations are. As far as the theme goes, it was fantastic. Take it In and Live it Out is based on the scripture in Matthew, “However hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like the wise man…” The first day of camp was this main point as well as the parable of the wise and foolish men who built houses on the rock and sand.… Read the rest

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Elementary Schedule using 252 Basics

Posted on 10. Sep, 2008 by .


Three weeks ago we launched small groups on Sunday mornings for 1st-5th graders. This last Sunday we launched 252 Basics. It was phenomenal. I started using 252 a year ago when I was at Cross Timbers. It was not the easiest curriculum I’ve ever purchased, but I liked it more than anything else I’ve ever used. As most Children’s Pastors do, I always tweaked curriculum like crazy. With 252 Basics I got a 30-40 page pack of options. I had two different production/large group lessons and nearly a dozen small group activities. The curriculum was supplied online as word docs, so I would simply cut and paste the items I planned to use. It was beautiful. Probably what I loved the most was the single virtue that was emphasized for an entire month, one memory verse for the month (come on people, do your kids ever remember the memory verse from 3 weeks ago? Giving kids four weeks with one verse at least gives them a chance to get into their minds and hearts.) I also loved all the take home stuff (Refrigerator Door cards and God Time cards). A year ago I was just using the curriculum, now I am using the “Get Real” video packs (high quality video segments you can use in your large group time) as well as the some of their other materials (they’re adding new things all the time). I just found this the other day. At our biggest campus, we have the resources to do a full production, but at our South Campus they aren’t able to pull off an all out production. For the South Campus I can use Studio 252. I can even use it last minute at the big campus if I have an emergency (like if some of our production people call in sick).… Read the rest

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A huge day for our elementary program

Posted on 08. Sep, 2008 by .


Yesterday was a big day for us at Kids Quest. I posted here a few days ago about how we moved to small groups on Sunday’s. That was a big day and something we had been planning for all summer. But it was on September 7th that we were launching 252 Basics as our curriculum that we could combine a powerful small group element with an energetic large group production. I’ll just say it. Today was the best elementary service I’ve experienced under my leadership in years. It was awesome! Let me clarify.

I’ll admit it. I feel like one of the things I do very well is create small group experiences. I can get small group leaders, equip them with materials and create the relational experience pretty easily. However, the production side of a service is not my strength. Musically I am not in my element and it would be much better to have someone else. At most of the churches I’ve been, I haven’t had very many people who were comfortable or well suited to lead a large group from the stage. So usually either I was up there on the stage or someone else was and the quality wasn’t the best. Again, I feel like I’m a very strong communicator to kids, but the music part I’m just not equipped to lead well.

Coming to Gateway I found that we actually had quite a few people who were very comfortable on the stage and quite good. Unfortunately the program wasn’t always suited to take advantage of these people’s strengths. But yesterday was probably the best service I’ve seen in years. It started with small groups. Kids came in and connected immediately with their leaders. After 15 minutes or so, they all combined or the large group time. It was a 20 minute program that was fast paced and with solid transitions.… Read the rest

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Small group activity help – what I went with…

Posted on 08. Sep, 2008 by .


It’s been over a week since my last post and I’m playing catch-up. I realized that I never posted the results to my little contest/request for help on this blog post.

Well, I ended up going out on my own; however, it was one of Sam’s suggestions that got my brain leaning in that direction. So, although I didn’t really use anyone’s exact idea, I’m treating myself to a Starbucks gift card… I love being in control. :) Actually, I promised Sam I’d treat him to a meal the next time (which will be our first time) to meet up.

Thank you though for the suggestions. They do help, even if it gets stored away as an idea for another lesson on another day. In case you care to know, I’ve posted that particular activity below.

Memory Match-up

SUPPLIES: Set of 24 responsibility cards

You will have a set of 24 responsibility cards containing 12 pairs of actions that either show responsibility or irresponsibility such as taking out the trash or cheating on a test. The 24 cards should be mixed up and put face down in the center of the group. Kids will take turns turning over two cards at a time looking for matches. If a child does not find a match, the next child will take a turn. If a match is found the leaders will ask the following question: Does this action show responsibility or irresponsibility? (Some are very obvious such as cheating on a test; however, several are a little fuzzy such as playing with friends. For some of these actions, feel free to ask the child or the rest of the group when might playing with friends be a responsible action and when might it be an irresponsible action.) In order to give all the children a chance to play, children who make a match do not get to pick again right away, but the turn passes on to the next child.

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Help with a small group activity… win a prize

Posted on 28. Aug, 2008 by .


I thought I’d throw this out there. My team and I racked our brains for 45 minutes coming up with one more small group activity and we came up with nothing. Maybe you can help. I’ll make it interesting… you give me an idea and we use it, I’ll send you your choice of a $5 iTunes card or Starbucks card.

We’re using 252 and the monthly virtue is Responsibility. The bottom line is “When you can be trusted with a little, you can be trusted with a lot.” The Memory verse is similar: Luke 16:10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” The Bible story is basically the parable of the talents.

The way we’re doing this is a 30 minute large group activity (worship, drama and teaching) and then 35 minutes in small groups. They’ll spend 15 minutes before large group and 20 minutes after larger group in small groups. I have 2 of the three small group activities.

Activity One: The small group leader will toss out a balloon which the kids will keep hitting it and keep it from hitting the ground. As the do well, the leader will introduce another balloon and another until one hits the ground. They’ll play that game a few times. The leader will then gather the kids together again communicate, as you did well with one balloon, you we’re given two to handle and as you showed you could handle two, you were given three. Responsibility is similar, when you prove yourself as someone who is responsible, you will be given more to be responsible for. This is just a fun way to introduce the topic.

Activity Two: ???

Activity Three: Every child will be given a pen/pencil and an index card.… Read the rest

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