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Desktop Accountability

Posted on 31. Aug, 2011 by .


A few years ago I started a monthly post where I published what my desktop looked like. Mostly, it was about creatively changing things up to keep the juices flowing. I’ve fallen out of that habit with a desktop that changes more on a quarterly basis. To make things worse, my desktop always tends to get very cluttered.

So, I’m submitting to you my September desktop. I don’t know what it means, but if fit my mood today. You can get your own September dektop design here. You’ll notice a handful of icons/files on the right. I’m sorry Jonathan Cliff, but that’s the best I could do for right now. Ha!

Last night I was cleaning up and my wife asked me what I was doing? I said, “cleaning up my desktop.” She replied, “Are you cleaning up because of the comments your friends made today?” My reply…. “yes!”

So, it’s good to have people in your life that give you a hard time… not because they hate your guts, but because they love you enough to pick on you. I’m glad I have a lot of people who like to pick on me… a lot.


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Desktop creativity

Posted on 06. May, 2009 by .


I read John’s post here on desktop inspiration and I was convicted.

I’ve had the same desktop for the last 9-10 months, and it wasn’t even that creative. Probably the true reason I didn’t update my desktop was because I couldn’t even see it. Yes, I had become a desktop clutter bug. Check out the screen shot I took a few months ago.


Yowch! That’s embarrassing.

It was actually really embarrassing as someone would come to look at something on my computer and make some remark about my desktop. My clutter certainly didn’t do anything for my creativity.

So, I’ve uploaded a new desktop. It’s also a built in calendar, so when June comes around, I have to change it. Well, I don’t have to, but I’ll look extra stupid with a May desktop. Kinda like that person with a desk calendar that’s been on Ocober of 2006 since… well… October of 2006.


So, my accountability here is to keep my desktop clean and uncluttered so that my creative workspace has a place to breath.

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