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Building Christ followers the old fashioned way

Posted on 18. Mar, 2010 by .


Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 10.59.33 AMA few day ago I happened across this blog which linked to this fascinating article on catechesis.

Yeah, I didn’t know what Catechesis was either. I’ve written some posts here and there about catechism and it’s place in the modern protestant church. Most of us, including myself have images of old and outdated practices when we here this word. However, I think that many of us realize that the generation of Christ followers we’re developing are less than grounded. I’m not throwing out the idea of investing in parents to where they have the spiritual lead or throwing out small groups where peers and adult leaders can build into students. I’m talking about some manner of content that aligns the next generation with sound beliefs in a world of relativism. I honestly think we need to take a another look at catechism and see it’s place in today’s church, especially the church like mine where most who attend are totally unchurched. Catechism was designed for such people more than a thousand years ago.

What I found intriguing was how it was the reformers like Calvin and Luther who revived catechism, specifically for children as well as adults. As a response to the reformers, the Catholic church revised their catechism. It’s been a lot of months that I’ve been talking about catechism and I think I’m pretty close to moving on something. Maybe by this time next year I’ll have another angle to share, how we’re building young Christ followers the old fashioned way.… Read the rest

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Obama’s speech didn’t look like brain washing to me

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In case you missed it, here is Obama’s speech to America’s children. Did you watch it? Did your children watch it? Did you watch it with your children?

I felt I needed to follow up from my post on Monday.

I thought the speech was good. Actually it was really good, a message many of our kids need to hear. It was about failure, hard work and taking ownership of our future. Regardless of whether we like it or not, the president of the United States is someone we all respect because of the tradition of the office. Most kids look up to this office. What kid hasn’t dreamed of one day being the leader of the free world?

So, this is a great message for our kids to hear. It’s a message of encouragement from the guy in the job most of our kids dream of being. What did you think?… Read the rest

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Obama’s speach to our children

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obama with mic jan 18 2008Tomorrow our president is going to address the students of our nation. However, a significant portion of our children will not hear what he has to say. Many parents are pulling their children from their classrooms because they’re afraid that our president is going to indoctrinate our children. Many schools are not even showing the speech because parents have thrown a fit and they are afraid of the backlash. They’re afraid that our president’s views on abortion, health care, marriage and other policies might defile our children.

I’m not really sure I know how I feel about this. The first thoughts that come to my mind are not good ones. I understand that people don’t agree with our president’s policies and stance on moral issues, but is this behavior a little juvenile? The majority of parents and people making a stink about this are conservative families who are still sore about loosing the election last November and here’s a good way to stick it to ’em!

Before you judge me or this post, read on.

Here is what the speech is about.
Here is pre-speech and post-speech activities and discussions for K-6th graders.
Here is pre-speech and post-speech activities and discussions for 7th-12th graders.

So tell me, where is the socialist agenda? Where is the health care agenda? Seriously. It is a freaking speech from the president to the kids. The speech is meant to encourage kids to step up, take ownership of their education and make learning a priority. This is a good thing. Many kids will not forget this moment, where they felt the president was talking to them. So many kids dream of one day being the president, this could be a great motivator educationally. If this was really about the speech or it’s content, then I’d understand… but I don’t think it is.… Read the rest

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Faith development of a child: Episode 4

Posted on 30. Jun, 2009 by .


Thank you for being patient with my random thoughts about faith development. Usually when doing a series like this, I’ve got a plan and a place I’m trying to take the reader. This time; however, I’m just emptying my head of many different thoughts I’m trying to sort through.

Education + Evangelism = Responsible faith development.

There is a certain amount of education that needs to happen regardless of a hearers age, but it seems that this is even more essential for kids. Let me explain.

When communicating salvation to adults, the emphasis seems to be more on persuasion. It’s crafting the message in such a way that combined with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, a person wants to give their life to Christ. Again, there is some education involved as the story and situation are created, but the crux of the opportunity is in the ask.

When communicating salvation to kids, it seems like there is more emphasis on education. Kids are eager to learn. They need to learn about how the world was created, how sin came into the world, how this created a problem, what God’s solution was and then how we can make things right. There is a lot of stuff a child needs to know. Like I said yesterday, the emphasis doesn’t need to be on persuasion. Why, because it’s really easy to persuade a child. They’re sponges for information and their very trusting and willing to be persuaded. In this case, we need to educate them on what salvation is and how the scriptures teach this and what it means for our lives. When a child understands this, then it’s very easy for them to take the next step and choose to follow Christ.

I can easily call for a decision at the end of a message or have an evangelist come in and tell kids that they can choose Christ and tons of them will.… Read the rest

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Leadership Summit: Stand Up and Lead (Wendy Kopp)

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Wendy Kopp is the CEO and founder of Teach for America. Teach for America is described like a Peace Corps for education. The best and brightest college graduates are recruited to give two years to teach in a failing school.

Wendy describes how even in America, where you are born does determine your educational prospects.… Read the rest

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