I gave up coke (more specifically, diet pepsi and other carbonated goodies) almost two weeks ago. I’m a little tired of living unhealthy. I’m moving toward a more healthy lifestyle and I’m doing that one step at a time. I know myself and if I don’t move gradually, I’ll fizzle out in two weeks and be back where I started.

So for now I’ve cut out the sodas and I’m watching what I’m eating.

Moving to water wasn’t nearly as hard as I thougth it would be. I will admit, I did have two rootbeer floats on Thursday night. We were hosting a goodbye party for my intern and it was an icecream float party. Other than that, I’ve been good. I haven’t eaten any of the litle chocolates and candies that are all around our offices. It feels good.

I’ve gotten on the scales and it looks like I may have actualy lost 5 pounds (no really, I drank a lot of coke). I’m not 100% sure on the weight loss. Our scale isn’t digital and I don’t totally trust it when I’m pegging the thing 360 around. I’m getting a digital scale soon so I can keep better track.

Next week I’ll start exercising. Hopefully between the exercise and the cutting back on the junk, I’ll drop some more weight before vacation, feel a little better in my clothes and be ready for some hiking in the Canadian Rockies.

Last night my wife said that I looked trim. I laughed and said, “you mean more trim, right?” This is great motivation people!