My friends at Aspen Grove are conducting a survey that is pretty significant to the world of Children’s Ministry. Most statistics/survey results we see are often organizationally biased. They’re not bad, but the data comes specifically from the users of one curriculum or organization which isn’t inclusive of the diversified whole.

Aspen Grove recently launched a survey called “The 2016 State of Children’s Ministry.” It’s a survey that will only take 10-12 minutes (I took it in under 10) and will give all of us a better understanding of what challenges we are facing now.

Many ask, “what the point?” Actually, these surveys have helped me tremendously in the past. There have been times where I’ve needed to ask for more budget, more staff or the opportunity to do something different. On multiple occasions, I’ve been able to use survey results to show my leadership why what I was asking for was important and how it wasn’t at all out of the ordinary to ask for what I was asking for.

Surveys have a way of showing us where we are compared to the greater community. It helps us know if we are on track or if there is an area we should focus on in the immediate future.

So, I’d like to invite you to take the 2016 State of Children’s Ministry Survey with me. Do it for the community – this information will help thousands to make better decisions for their ministry. Do it for you as the results to this survey could help you in a significant way.


Click here to start the survey!