dday4Today we remember what happened 65 years ago. I didn’t even know it was today except that D-Day was a top trend on twitter. Shameful.

I tremble when I think about what happened that day. I learned all about this momentous day in school, but never clearly comprehended how awful it was until seeing the first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan. I can’t even begin to imagine being on one of those boats headed toward the beach. Although it was a bloodbath, it was necessary.

I’m grateful for the men who paid the ultimate price on that beach. I’d like to think that in similar circumstances, I’d be there if my country needed me. Those men who fought, the ones who died and those who lived truly are my heroes. I’m ashamed that I almost forgot this day. I pray that we never forget that men and women have bled and died for the freedoms and values I often casually experience today.

So, thank you for going and fighting this improbable battle that had to be won!

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