Don’t worry, I’m not going to count every day down to 0.

This year will be my second year to attend the Orange Conference. If you’ve never attended, let me tell you what it is.

Initially you’ll notice that it’s a conference with incredible speakers and breakout sessions all geared to children’s, student’s and family ministries. It absolutely is. If that’s all you know about it, that alone is compelling enough reason to sign up and go. I’d been to the CPC for a few years and was looking for a new and slightly different conference. The Purpose Driven Conference was not happening and I wasn’t convinced I wanted to go to Willow Creek. I didn’t know anything about Orange, but when I saw the speaker line-up, I knew it would be worth it.

However, about two months before I went, I figured out what Orange was really about. It was a new philosophy for Student and Children’s Ministry. It was a new philosophy for Family Ministry. When “Orange” was explained to me, I saw that it was the solution to many of the roadblocks I’d run into as a Children’s Pastor. I think it’s possibly to attend Orange, experience a great conference and amazing sessions and miss what Orange is really all about… but you’ll still have a great experience. However, if you get an understanding of the “Orange” philosophy is, you’ll be impacted in an even more profound way.

What is the Orange Philosophy? Buy this DVD. It’s $40, but it has the potential to shake up everything you ever believed about family ministry. You’ll understand what Orange is and you’ll probably want to attend the conference. Can’t afford to attend a conference this year? Buy this DVD. It’s not quite a conference, but it’s only $40.

Want more info? Last year I attended Orange and blogged every session, every breakout and every experience I had. Check it out here. I plan to take my blogging/twittering to the next level this year. I’m meeting up with all kinds of people this next year, so maybe I’ll add some video content along with everything else. You don’t want to miss it!