CaptureOkay, I’ve been using this service called Digsby for about 3 months. It’s actually made a big difference for me as I’ve become more and more spread out over multiple email and social services. Other than my church email, I have a gmail account, yahoo account, email for this blog, IM capabilities for yahoo and gmail. In addition I’m fairly active on facebook and twitter. Those are a lot of sites to stay on top of. Well, Digsby is a social network aggregator and brings it all together. Once you load it, you have one touch access to all of those services and more. You can chat with a friend on Yahoo while your checking your Gmail, chatting with someone using facebook chat in addition to updating your twitter status… all without having a single web browser open. For me it’s a no brainer. Now, if you want to be alerted everytime one of your 500 facebook friends signs on and everytime a new tweet comes across the wires, you can set it up that way. Or you can have is running in the background ready to be checked or used whenever you are ready.

Here is another use you might have for Digsby. I have good friends who are missionaries in West Africa. For a while, the only way to contact them was through America Online Instant Messenger. Because I wanted to have contact with them, I signed up for an AIM account for free, but I had to install it on my desktop. With Digsby, it isn’t necessary. With Digsby you can just create an AIM account and then enter your username and password information into the AIM component on Digsby. No need to install AIM, Yahoo or Google Talk software on your machine… just run it all through Digsby. Honestly, it’s been a great application for me. So, if you’re connected to more than one web email, IM service or social network, you might want to consider giving Digsby a spin.

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