Even in a very challenging environment, we all have our favorite things. We might have big plans for the mess around us, but there is always that room, resource or device that we absolutely love. Sometimes we come across these things on accident, we inherit them or steal/borrow an idea from somewhere else. Regardless, our favorite things give hope, inspire improvement and are contagious. Isn’t this why Pinterest is so popular? It’s a collection of favorite things that inspire the masses.

I find that every time I visit another church, I walk away with a favorite thing. Maybe it’s the way they display their TV’s, the creative doors they use for their Large Group Spaces. Maybe it’s just the colors or flooring choice. I can’t tell you the number of my favorite things that were inspired by a church, restaurant or store I visited. Chances are that your favorite thing will be someone else’s favorite thing as well. Sharing is caring and that’s what this week is all about.

All this week, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite things. We’ll include pictures, descriptions and information on how our favorite things can become your favorite things as well.

Oh, and be sure to share the love. If you have a favorite thing to share, fill out the contact form (top right of this page) and perhaps we’ll feature your favorite thing on this site!