Leadership is an interesting thing, isn’t it. Some of us are born with a natural “know-how.” Others of us have to work really hard at it. All of us get stuck at certain places. As people who oversee ministries, we need it, need to know how to grow it and how to cultivate it. All of us know what our limitations are as a leader. I know mine. At times I’m embarrassed by mine. It’s good to know that this isn’t the end of the story, there’s plenty of time to develop and plenty of time to grow.

So, there’s a book out there that I want to point you towards. It’s called “Lead the Way God Made You.” I’ll be honest, it really spoke to where I am right now as a leader in many different ways. I’m doing an official review for this book on Monday, July 5th which I’m writing right now. It’s a holiday weekend and I’ve got a feeling that a lot of my regular readers will be soaking in some rays as opposed to reading my blog. On Tuesday, be sure to log in and read the review. I’m kinda excited about what this book might mean for me as a leader. Maybe if it helps me, it will help you.

Larry Shallenberger published this book five years ago and to celebrate the anniversary, he’s organized a blog tour. So far you can read Larry’s summaries here as well as the first few stops of the blog tour here, here and here.

If you haven’t read the book yet, go ahead and pick up a copy or two right here, I highly recommend it!