Every year I look forward to my week at Orange. Rather than just take in a few days of conference, I try to get the biggest bang for my buck. I get to Atlanta a few days early to see some family as well as visit North Point Church or some other church so I can observe and learn from what others are doing. Then the conference begins and I typically have every minute booked. In addition to attending the conference and breakouts, I’m meeting people having conversations and learning from others. Typically, every meal is booked and I’m rarely back to my hotel room before midnight.

I love it; however, I think I’m done with marathon conference tours for a while. Next time I’ll come in for the conference and then I’ll go back home. It’s a lot of time to be away from my family. I miss them. It’s an entire week to be away from my team and my work. Although I usually come back from these conferences pretty pumped up and ready to charge forward, I just feel it’s a little too much.

So, it was fun. I’m looking forward to processing all I’ve learned, both from Orange and from the churches I’ve visited. I’ve also got a project or two that I’m ready to tackle. I’m kind of excited about those too. Today’s my last day in Atlanta, I’m going to enjoy it the best I can and then get back to my real life tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Kidmin/Orange marathon a total blast!