Sometimes I chuckle to myself when people use far-fetched allegories. You know what I’m talking about… using something you’ve noticed or read and applying it to a spiritual or ministry situation. Sometimes the allegory is quite the stretch. Actually the point is usually incredible, it’s just the association that brings a smile to my face. “Yesterday I found a hairball in my soup and that got me thinking… sometimes in ministry I find things I didn’t expect in the programs I oversee.” Okay, that was kind of cheesy, but you know what I’m talking about. By no means am I asking you to stop though, the fact that I get a kick out of them it makes it stand out in my memory.

Well, I couldn’t resist. Something happened this week that was very sobering and causes me to think. Interestingly, this event brought to light some of the things I’ve been reading and hearing. Funny how God moves that way, huh? So, my first allegorical blog comes tomorrow.