Just the other day I came across another resource. It’s called cmconnnect. It’s a social network for Children’s Ministry. At first I was like, come on… another place for me to socially network. Right now I’m having trouble keeping up with Kidology, Facebook, Twitter and my ever-expanding blogroll. Sheesh, when is it going to end. However, once I jumped in, it looked kinda cool. Actually I was intrigued for two reasons.

  • It was a Ning social network. My favorite podcast mentioned this a few weeks ago… I think it was ranked by webware as one of the best Web 2.0 services this last year. It’s a service where you can create your own social network. I remember looking at it and being interested in how you might take one of their templates and make a social network. Well, cmconnect has done it… and it looks pretty good, actually better than I expected.
  • There were a bunch of people I didn’t know. Actually, there were several people that I knew of, but have never connected with them on kidology, facebook or any of the other standard CM gatherings.

So, I’m on cmconnect. I’m not sure what will come of it, hopefully an opportunity to connect with people I haven’t met in some of the other venues. If you make it there, look me up and I’ll be your friend (thrilling, isn’t it?)