I’ve really been out of the blogging scene all summer, so some may have already circulated this video around the blogosphere. I’ve already had 3 different people from my church send me links to it in my email and it’s at the top of the charts at GodTube… so if you’ve been there you’ve probably seen it.

The first few minutes had me skeptical, but I must admit that the last moments of this presentation got me teary eyed. What power and passion is illustrated through this skit.

I wouldn’t sat this video is for every kid. The main character experiences some real life issues that some of our younger kids don’t really need to be exposed to yet (ie. cutting and suicide). However, I know of some 4th and 5th graders who have mentioned this video to me and how it had a profound effect on them. At the very least, I know it will bless you when you watch it.

It is the “Everything” Skit by Lifehouse. It appears to have been performed at Winterfest this last year.