Wow! All I can say is WOW! Round two of the Kidmin Blog Madness competition was intense. I have no more fingernails on one hand. In case you didn’t know, early in this competition I decided to get behind a friend of mine to do whatever I could to get him to the final four. In round one I kept quite publicly and did what I could do to get him into round two. Last week, I told everyone and anyone who would listen to me about the plan and although it literally came down to the final hour, Jared Massey of Small Town Kidmin made it to the final four. Give big props to Andy Johnson though… he fought tooth and nail to the very end. In the end, Jared Massey made it to the final round… the final four.

So, as we enter this last week of competition, I urge you. Please vote for Jared Massey of Small Town Kidmin. Why vote for him? Why am I trying so hard to get him to the top?

  1. Because he’s just as deserving as anyone else in this competition… maybe even more so. He’s given his heart and soul to serving kids through kidmin, but he’s got to do it around the confines of full time secular work. That alone is simply amazing and worthy of our respect. What I love most about Jared is that he’s using his situation to be a voice and encouragement to other bi-vocational kids pastors. I love it.
  2. Because there is a principle here. Far too often we live in our own isolated kidmin worlds, taking care of all that we have to take care of. This isn’t wrong… it’s just the way that it is. However, when we press pause for a few minutes on our own stuff and contribute toward something larger than just ourselves and our own slice of kidmin, we can accomplish so much more than one person could do alone. Voting for Jared is a symbol. We don’t have to wait for a publisher or company to fix our problems or make kidmin better. WE CAN DO IT! If we work together, nothing is impossible. No one expected Small Town Kidmin to make it this far, but when we all join together, we’ll see him win the whole enchilada!

So, vote for Jared. He deserves it and when you vote, know that you’re making a statement about what “could be” when we do this thing together!

So here is what I need you to do.

  1. Vote for Jared. Do it now. Click here.
  2. Leverage your influence to get Jared more votes. Imagine that if it were you in the final four. You’d email a whole bunch of people and ask them to vote really quick. You’d facebook friends and ask them to help you win the iPad and vote. Just take 3-5 minutes and leverage the influence that you have and get Jared a dozen or so votes that he wouldn’t have ever gotten because you’re united in this effort.