Two weeks ago I did a little series on requiring parents to serve. Last Sunday night I was at Taco Bell with one of my volunteers (to me he’s more of a friend than “volunteer”). He had been reading my posts and shared with me his story about volunteering. Over a year ago I had a chance to share vision to our church and recruit new volunteers. My friend’s wife signed him up. He was reluctant to volunteer, but she knew he liked kids. His intention was to sign up for something he could do every other week. However, when I talked to him about becoming a small group leader, I didn’t really give him an option other than every other week.

One year later and my friend is one of the best volunteers I’ve ever worked with. He’s a small group leader at two of our four services and he along with another friend helps me lead our child dedication services. He’s passionate about kids and he steps up in a major way. There’s no doubt that this guy has it in his blood.

What if his wife hadn’t signed him up? Perhpas he’d still be sitting on the sidelines. I’m conviced that there are other men and women who can revolutionalize our ministries. They just need to be asked.