I’m sure that’s probably most people who are reading this… except for Jonathan and Sam (skinny guys make me mad!). Ha!

Along with probably 90% of other people who made resolutions for 2012, I’ve made a commitment to drop some weight. Two years ago I worked every hard for three months to lose a little over 10% of my body weight. It was awesome and I was so proud of myself. Although it took me a good two years, I’m pretty much where I began two years ago… but a little more angry about it.

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself. I work best when there are goals I’m shooting for and I thrive when I’m going after it in community. Make it a little competition where the winner takes a prize… even better. Hey, I can’t change who I am, it just the way I’m wired. My involvement in a “biggest loser” competition is what helped me drop all the weight. However, after I did it, I didn’t set a new goal. I didn’t engage in a new “contest” that would keep me pointed toward healthy living. I just went on with life and got by butt kicked.

So, I’m ready for round two with a plan not to be here again. I’ve already started and amazingly have already lost 7-8 pounds… but I’ve got a long way to go. So, I’m wondering if there are any others who have “resolutions” to lose some pounds but not the accountability to keep you moving toward the goal. I thought I’d reach out to the Kidmin community and see if there were some who would be interested in doing this together. Anyone interested? I’m thinking of a 3-4 month “biggest loser” competition… maybe one with a prizes for the top losers. Let me know if you’re interested. No worries, I’m not going to ask anyone to blog their weigh ins or anything, we can do everything through a facebook group.

If you’re interested, either reply to this post or contact me through the contact button above.