Okay, it’s not a app in the sense of iPhone Apps, but does loosely fit the definition. Backblaze is a computer backup solution. I’m brand new at using it, so I can’t tell you a lot from personal experience, but what I’ve seen so far, I really like.

Having been on a Mac now for well over two years, I’m ashamed to admit that I just started using Time Machine. Wow, why’d I wait so long. Time Machine is great, but unless you’re saving your data offsite (a place different than where you computer is), there is still a point of failure. One of the best options is online backup. Several of these already exist like Mozy, Carbonite and others and honestly, I’ve not really looked into them either. I did look into them in the past and I remember that they looked like expensive solution.  However, BackBlaze is pretty darn cheap. $5 a month or $5o for an entire year of online backup. That’s incredible!

The way it works is that BackBlaze begins transferring files to it’s servers in the background while you’re online. It will take several weeks to initially get all your data online. However, once it’s all backed up, it only makes changes as you make changes to the files on your computer. Then when you computer crashes… which it will… you can simply download your files.

Again, I’m impressed by what I see. I’ve not used it for very long, have not had to use the backup files, nor have I done a lot of research of other services recently. But I thought I’d pass along the info to you as my pick for App of the Week! Click here to check them out.