Over a year ago, I wrote about dropbox for the first time. I started using it because my preferred file storage/sharing application (Live Sync) wasn’t playing nice with OS X Snow Leopard. One year later and I’m using dropbox for just about everything. Sorry Microsoft, you took a great application and messed it all up.

Although the app has been available for a long time, I recently just installed dropbox on my iPhone and iPad. Amazing! One of the more frustrating issues I face with my iPhone and iPad is file management. Its like there isn’t really any place to stick documents and things. Usually I resort to emailing them to myself and just opening it up as an attachment (if you know of another file management system for the iPhone/iPad, let me know). However, with the dropbox app, I have instant access to every document and file in my dropbox folder (as long as you have an internet connection). It’s genius really.

So, if you haven’t started using dropbox yet, you really should (click here to sign up) and if you don’t have the app, don’t wait as long as I did. Get it here!