About six months ago, I heard about this app on a podcast and it has undoubtedly impacted my life on a daily basis. It’s not just a handy app, but a go-to tool on my digital tool belt that helps me get stuff done every day. Let me set the scenario.

We all have to-do lists, right? That’s great. Some of us use them just to dump all the things we need to get done and some people take the extra step to assign due dates to each task to make sure it is finished the day it needs to be done. But what about that really specific task that has to be done before you leave the house, like taking out the trash. What about grabbing that form in your inbox before you leave the office? What about making that phone call at 3:45 this afternoon?

Yes, you can set an appointment on your calendar, but it’s easy to miss that appointment because you’re in the middle of something else when the reminder goes off – and then it’s gone. You can use reminders which is built into your iPhone and mac, but I’ve missed my fair share of things I couldn’t afford to forget because the reminder was too subtle and the snooze feature isn’t very customizable. If I’m on the phone when my reminder comes in, reminders may not remind me again in time.

Then I found the app that NEVER lets me forget anything. EVER!

The app is called Due. It takes the features of calendars and reminders and bumps them to a completely different level.

DueApptCreating a reminder couldn’t be easier. The default interface allows you to create a reminder within seconds with everything you need all on one screen. Name the reminder, set the time and date with alarm and recurrence in seconds. It’s perfect for setting a quick reminder to do something in an hour, a day or even a year from now. The beauty of Due is the persistence of the reminders.

I don’t believe that the snooze feature of Due is because we’re naturally lazy. Maybe some are, but the snooze features are so incredible because I’m frequently busy. By default, Due comes with hourly snoozes and snoozes every 60 seconds. You have to pay a little extra for the 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute snoozes.

What makes Due so freaking awesome is that there are some tasks that I can’t afford to forget. Due won’t let me forget. It’s a little annoying about it, but I need it to be annoying. When I have that super important email that I need to send this afternoon, Due will remind me to send that email every minute until I tell it I did it. If the volume of my phone is on, it will annoy me and everyone in the office until the task is done. If my volume is off, it will fill my home screen with a reminder ever minute, so when I pick up my phone, I’ll see a reminder for every time the reminder went off.

Due doesn’t let me forget the things I need to do. It’s like having that assistant who will bug you about that task until you get it done because left to yourself, you’re likely to forget.

Some other great features about Due is that it’s easy to modify your reminder on the fly. Maybe I’m really swamped and there’s no way I’m going to be able to do that thing for a couple of hours. Rather than get reminders every minute, I can change the due date to 3 hours later with the click of one button. From the lock screen, I can tell Due that I finished the task or that I’d like to snooze for an hour.

I use Due for weekly tasks like watering the yard on Sunday nights at 8:00 PM, taking out the trash on Tuesday’s at 7:30 PM, Approving staff PTO on Mondays at 7:00 AM. I even have a reminder to refill some allergy medicine on December 7th at 9:00 AM.

The downside. It’s not a free app. Due will set you back $5.00, but it’s probably the best $5.00 I’ve every paid for an app. To unlock extra features, it’s another $3.00. I’ve managed to live without the extra features but I may upgrade since I’m literally in this app a dozen or so times a day. Everything can’t be free and this is one of those times it’s worth the price.

Click here to read more about Due and purchase for you iPhone.