So I just found a killer new app. It’s called Firefox Home. I’m a pretty big fan of Firefox and it’s my default browser. I don’t know if any of you are like this, but I’ve got tab issues. I like to have lots and lots of tabs open at the same time. When I say lots of tabs, I really mean A LOT of tabs. It’s a problem I certainly need help with, but that’s a different blog post.

So, have you ever been on your iPhone and you can’t remember a site you need to go to that you even have bookmarked on your computer at home? Maybe that page is even open on your computer at the office right now. Wouldn’t it be great to actually easily pull up that page you were looking at yesterday on your home computer  on your iPhone? Well, with Firefox Home, you can and it’s pretty impressive.

You have to enable the Firefox Add-On “Firefox Sync” and setup an account. With this Firefox Add-On, you can sync your tabs, history and bookmarks across computers. With the Firefox Home iPhone app, you can have access to all of that data right on your phone. It’s absolutely beautiful!

So, it’s really simple. One page is dedicated to search. Type in any term that may have been on a page you were viewing in the past few weeks and you’ll be quickly given open tabs, history and bookmarks that contain that term. Another page is dedicated to tabs. The tabs are in a list. See one that interests you and it opens up. One more page is dedicated to your bookmarks. I don’t really use bookmarks anymore (which I think is why I have so many tabs open), but they’re all there. The settings page will allow you to sign in and out of your sync account and give you an overview of how many tabs you have open, how many bookmarks you have or how many pages you have indexed in your history.

Just to clarify though. This is not Firefox on the iPhone. Any tab, bookmark or indexed page you click on will simply open that page in a Safari browser within the Firefox Home app. I guess it’s the next best thing to having Firefox on your iPhone.

So, if you use Firefox (and you should) and you have an iPhone, download this free app today.

BTW, I’m laying down another preemptive ban on Smart Alec comments from Jonathan Cliff on how many tabs I have open. This is starting to become a regular thing here.