The app I’d like to introduce to you this week isn’t a new app, but over the years it has been nicely developed and has become more and more useful as time goes by. Quite simply, it’s the Google Drive app for the iPhone (I don’t have an android device, so I’m sure it works as well or better on one of those devices).

Several years ago, my entire team (and most of the church staff) converted to google docs/drive for word documents and spreadsheets. We created an official “NextGen” shared drive and virtually every file we create lives in this drive. It’s essentially like having a corporate server without the need for being on the church network or having to hassle with a VPN when offsite. Our team has adapted well and so everything is there.

The Google Drive app for the phone is amazingly convenient. Since EVERYTHING is in our Google Drive, accessing any document or spreadsheet is super easy. I can search any document or easily browse through all of our folders to find the document I’m looking for.

From the app, I can quickly view, share or print any file. Here’s what makes this app perfect:

  • IMG_3708I don’t need my computer on the weekend. During weekend services, I’m literally on the go from the minute I arrive at the church until I’m done with our last service. Between meetings, classes or simply taking notes on things I see – I frequently need access to files on my computer. With Google Drive, everything is accessible from my phone or iPad.
  • I don’t need paper on the weekend. This is just like the first one. I used to always walk around with a notepad where I was constantly making notes on things that needed to be done. With my iPhone or iPad, can simply log my notes into a “dated” open document that can be saved in a folder for weekend related notes.
  • If I’m diving into one particular area for a service, I can quickly access the schedule to find out what volunteers are missing so that I have a better idea of what is going on before too much time goes by.
  • One really cool feature is that the app allows you to keep specific files on your device. That way you will have access to critical files regardless of your internet situation and you’ll be able to pull up those files quicker than it takes to find them.
  • You can upload files, photos and videos directly from your phone. For instance, you can walk around the campus and take pictures of things that need attention and upload them directly to a weekend file to review on Monday.
  • Lastly, you can easily manage files, move them to different folders in a snap.

Google developed the sheets app and docs app to edit files within drive. Once you have those two apps as well, it automatically launches those apps when you need to edit. Like all things Google Drive, your files are collaborative and multiple people can edit files at the same time.

If you use Google for file management, you might consider this app for having your files on the go. Check it out in the Apple App store here and Google Play here.