A sure fire, no miss app for me that has saved my hide on many occasions this year has been Keynote Remote. If you use a mac personally or use macs for presentations at church or other speaking opportunities, I’d highly suggest investing in this very useful app for your iPad, iPod or iPhone. I’ve found myself in situations where the remote clicker I needed to use for a presentation could not get a clear line of site with the compter or perhaps I was too far away from the compter to get an appropriate signal to control the slideshow.

The unique aspect about Keynote Remote is that as long as the computer and your device are on the same WiFi signal, they can communicate and you can control the slideshow. It’s brilliant. Depending on how you set up your slideshow, you can easily teach from the notes on your iPad or iPhone built into the presentation which makes controlling the slideshow so natural. You can easily see what slide is next before sending it to the display, you you really can be free of the laptop and just give your presentation.

Here’s two cool things I did with this app. I was in one location where there wasn’t WiFi. I actually signed up for tethering through ATT (it is prorated, so you can turn it on for a few days and then turn it off and not pay very much money. Then, I connected my laptop, the presentation computer to my phone on a local tethering WiFi signal and through that signal, I could control the presentation from my phone. At the Nashville Illuminate Conference, I had Jim Wideman give a presentation from a room that had built in 42 inch TV’s for displays. Unfortunately, the computer connection to get the signal to those TV’s was about 150 feet away. With Keynote Remote, this was a simple solution. I plugged in his laptop to the TV’s on the other side of the building and Brother Jim was able to control the slideshow from an iPad that was on the same WiFi connection as the computer. Genius.

So, I highly recommend this app, it’s wonderful to work with and may help you out when in a jam.