Screen shot 2010-03-20 at 11.58.11 PMYou may have heard me mention this little app before. A few months ago I posted about Dropbox as a service becasue Snow Leopard broke Folder Sync. Actually, I don’t know who’s fault it was. All I know is that Live Sync stopped working and I had to find other options like Dropbox. Now it’s fixed and I’m a happy man once again. I still use dropbox. I have most of my staff on it and it tends to be a convenient way to transfer large files between us and some of our key volunteers who don’t have access to our public folders on the Gateway servers.

Dropbox is great, but there’s something magical about Live Sync. All you crazed “Machead Steve Job’s kool aid drinkers…” don’t check out on me yet. I know that most of you feel that nothing good can come from Windows, but you’re not entirely right. Actually, Live Sync didn’t come from Windows. Microsoft bought it and made improvements and folded it into their “Live” services.

Basically Live Sync allows you to easily share files and folders among all your personal computers. You name the folder and to which computers you want to share it with and everything in that folder will sync with the matching folder on your other machines. Easily share files between you and your spouses machine, or between your home machine and your work computer. Got a file that’s too big for your USB memory stick and don’t want to burn a DVD? Just sync them.

In addition to your personal computers, you can also share folders with others. You can set what rights they have to your shared folder, whether they can add files, delete files or only withdraw files. It’s a fantastic application and has made life so much easier in so many ways.

Here’s the only downside. It only syncs when both machines are on. Sometimes it might take a while to transfer files becasue the other machine isn’t on or something. The upside. No real limits on how much you can transfer and it’s free. It’s really hard to go wrong with Live Sync. Click here to check it out.

Read more about Live Sync and it’s history here.