photo1How could I not feature this app? Only nine more days until the most anticipated conference for student and children’s ministry and now I have an app to get me even more excited. You can download the Orange Conference Countdown right here.

Have you ever been at a conference talking to someone and they ask you what breakout you’re in next, or you can’t remember what time the next session starts, so you begin digging through your SWAG bag for your official conference notebook with the schedule and the breakout information. Or maybe your conference has the schedule on your lanyard. Either way, you’re digging around through all your Jesus junk and scanning the 5 point font on the back of your lanyard trying to figure out where you were supposed to be like a conference nerd.

This app is your freedom from conference nerdiness!

Now you can know exactly where you’re supposed to be and what breakout is next while browsing this nifty little app. “Is he checking is mail? Is she checking facebook?” Nope, they’re trying to get a clue about what’s next at the Orange Conference. They look so cool, and you can too.

It’s a really simple app. It doesn’t do much more than give you standard information, but this is a huge improvement on anything else done in conference-land.