A few months ago, I saw someone post about the new web-based presentation software called Prezi. I was immediately impressed. It was certainly an “outside the box” approach to presentation software. It’s web based, it has a really functional free version and it can be operated outside of a browser and even offline. Genius!
Now the first example I saw of Prezi was someone’s presentation for a class they were teaching. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was still cool. Then about a month ago my friend Sam Luce used Prezi for a message he was teaching in “old people’s church.” So, last week I conducted a training where I used Prezi. It was pretty easy and really cool. I threw it together pretty quick.
Here’s what is cool about Prezi. You can throw something together with very little experience and you’re still going to have a pretty cool presentation. Or, if you know what you’re doing, you can create something killer like the presentation below.