Not everyone is going to need this app, but I must say it is one of the coolest new apps I’ve seen. I was first introduced to it when hearing Bro. Jim and Sam Luce talking about it at an Infuse retreat this summer. It sounded intriguing, but I never checked it out. However, two weeks ago when I was with these two guys again, I saw it in action. Sam Luce paid Bro. Jim $20 by swiping his credit card through a card reader plugged into the earphone connector on his iPhone. What? That was kinda cool.

So, I downloaded the app, verified my bank account and received the free card reader (that’s right, it’s free) and have tested it multiple times. It works on the iPhone, iPod, iPad and even Android devices. Best of all, it’s really simple and really cheap. If you want to receive money from people by card for business reasons or for personal reasons, it’s probably the easiest thing out there. Yeah, maybe even easier than PayPal. No merchant accounts to set up. No monthly fees. Just swipe and you’ll 15 cents for the swipe and 2.75% of the purchase for using Square. Don’t have the card reader with you? No worries… just type in the card number. It will cost you 15 cents and 3.5% of the purchase for using Square. That’s pretty handy.

  • Garage sale? You can use Square (I just wouldn’t use it for those items you’re selling for $0.50)
  • Piano lessons? Your students can pay using Square (my wife is thinking about this)
  • Want to sell shirts or CD’s to kids, parents of volunteers? Set up a table and use Square (you’ll just need to set up Square with a church bank account)