One of the apps I’ve been using pretty consistently for about 9 months has been TripIt. It’s a great little app to manage all your travel arrangements. Since having email on my phone, I would normally email myself my flight itinerary, rental agreements or hotel confirmation numbers just before my trip so that when I got to the airport, I could look up the email and have all the details. TripIt makes your life much easier than managing this stuff through email, or having to print everything out.

When I first started playing with TripIt, I’d just email my email confirmations from the airlines, hotels and rental agencies to From there, it recognizes your email and puts all your travel information into an easy to use display. After seeing how great TripIt is, I just have TripTt scan my email taking out the extra step. This way, as soon as I book my travel, TripIt automatically builds my itenerary. I don’t even have to think about it. In fact, the last two or three trips I went on, I didn’t think about it. It wasn’t until I was getting ready to leave for the airport that I remembered. I just opened up TripIt for the first time in months and presto… it was already there. It really does work as perfectly as you can imagine.

Everything is in order as it happens. Your flight information appears first (because you’re normally heading to the airport first, right?). Then your rental is next followed by your hotel. Without even asking, TripIt will usually give you a map (connected through google maps) with driving directions from the rental car location to your hotel.

Here’s some additional features that make TripIt amazing. You can share your itinerary. So, if I’m traveling with others and they have accounts with TripIt, they’ll get all the same beautiful information. I also found another cool feature a few weeks ago on accident. I was meeting Sam Luce in Birmingham and I needed his flight information. He just emailed me his confirmation. Since it went to my email I have with TripIt, it pulled into my Birmingham itinerary. That’s an easy way to get people’s information into your itinerary who aren’t on TripIt.

So, whether you travel all the time or just a few times a year, check it out. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can let TripIt organize all the information in one place and you can print it all out for on the go. Get TripIt here.