Capture6-23-2008-12.23.06 PMOver the last few weeks I’ve noticed that on my blog home page, my title is jumbled up some how. I noticed it but didn’t do anything to fix it as I’ve been busy. Finally I decided to take a look at it. So, I deleted the title of my blog to see what happened. The result?

Capture6-23-2008-12.25.47 PMApparently my template decided to give itself a name. Yes, my theme has a very “Apple” look, but I am not running the “One more thing” site. If you click on any individual blog posts, it’s blank.

Capture6-23-2008-12.27.47 PMSo, until I figure out how to fix it, I’m either title-less or I’m the “One more thing” other site. I may have to go in and edit the code in the template… I just don’t know why it showed up now for no reason.